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Britain criticized for refusal to hand Britain over to Myanmar | World Press

It has been charged with failure to comply with its legal obligation after it refused to surrender a British man wanted in Myanmar on charges of the murder of a boyfriend and co-worker at his home in Yangon. Said it rejected the surrender of Harris Binotti, a Scotish schoolmaster, for the absence of an Extradition Contract, and added that such a move would violate his humanitarian commitments.

Binotti, 27, is wanted in Myanmar on suspicions of the murder of his compatriot Gary Ferguson, 47, in 2016. Tsar Li Aye, a member of the International Commission of Jurists, said under the rule of law that Binotti should be prosecuted at home (either extradited or prosecuted).

Don't they have a bill that allows them to pursue their own people for crimes on alien land? It is important for us now to call them to account after their ruling not to hand over an indicted murderer," said Tsar Li Aye. Ferguson, who was in marriage and had a four-year-old boy, had worked there for a year, Binotti for three than.

Said he was notified by e-mail of the Ministry of the Interior's ruling not to deliver Binotti. "The application was rejected because there is no agreement on Extradition between the United Kingdom and Burma. Furthermore, to hand over Mr Binotti, the United Kingdom would be in breach of several violations of international humanitarian law," the e-mail said.

Binotti and Ferguson went to the flat after one evening together, according to the po-liff. Myanmar's failure to address the urgent need for Extradition is exacerbated by domestic pressures against it. Following last year's Myanmar expulsion order, Amnesty International called on the UK authorities to reject it on the ground that Myanmar still has the capital punishment.

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