To do in Myanmar

Do in Myanmar

The Kandawgyi Park - walking, relaxing, having a drink. Chaudhatgyi Paya (Chak Htat Gyi Buddha) - Lying Buddha. Stylish houses by Lake Inle. Dive the Myeik Archipelago. Make a ride in a hot air balloon.

Thirteen things you should never do in Myanmar.

Burmese residents in Myanmar love to see aliens in their native clothes, especially for occasions such as marriages and trips to temples. However, carrying conventional clothing requires exercise to make sure it is properly weared - or you are risking the opportunity to give everyone an eye when you are walking down the road. Although not using underwear during Myanmar's warm summers may be a preferable way to chill, it is not advisable, especially for beginners, to avoid embarrassment.

If you cross a street in Myanmar, make sure you look in both directions, even if there are crossings. As Myanmar is at the peak of a fast and thrilling transition, many parts of the country are virtually building docks. Catwalks are prone to being bumpy or even full of bumps. Burma is made up of tropics, with monsoons, excess sunshine and moisture, unrelenting mosquitoes and oversized parasites.

Myanmar has the highest, most sacred part of the world. In contrast to the skull, the foot is the bottom, dirtyest part of the skull. It is very impolite in Myanmar to point to any kind of religion, to humans or to just about anything that stands with one's foot - whether that happens or not.

It is of paramount importance to take off your boots and boots or slippers with respect before you enter holy rooms in Myanmar. Presenting the Buddha picture in a way that is considered unreasonable in Myanmar can have serious implications. Newscasts of this case made headline articles internationally and show how seriously Myanmar is taking worship ridicule.

Tattooed pictures of Buddha should be masked (especially when attached to the lower extremities), pressures that resemble Buddha should not be applied to clothes, and the inappropriate posturing with a Buddha image should never, never, ever appear like a good notion at the tim. Myanmar's hotly debated issues are: policy, the former army régime, the Rohingya crises, ethical disparities and religion jokes.

Burmese are very kind and talkative, but they have a tendency to be cautious about sensible points of conversation for good cause. They are all good grounds why speed in Myanmar is not as real as in some places. Myanmar's multinational companies have a tendency to be more tightly timed, but the local population generally follows the local population.

So lean back, have some coffee and put your watch on Myanmar Time. Toiletpaper is not always an optional item in toilets throughout Myanmar, so be sure to wrap some handkerchiefs if necessary. Myanmar's best mealtimes are taken in the presence of others and the meal is taken together.

This may take some getting used to, but such a common way of cooking brings even more flavour to the overall food experiences in Myanmar. Burma is a huge, largely unknown hot spot that offers a lot of charme. There' s just not enough travelime to see all the thousand Myanmar cougars or taste every piece of Burma's cuisines.

If you want to stay longer in fewer places to inhale everything, you should soon make a reservation for a trip back to the "Golden Land".

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