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He looked like he was ready to show someone the chin. has more chin than a traditional chin. Thought as a funny offense, the sentence is a play on words on the chin and the alleged similarity of "Chin" as a Christian family name. Slang Talk or chat! Slang Talk or chat!

That chin-piece of yours is a distraction from my work.

Cheer up, darling, tomorrow's another one. For touching or stroking under the chin. So I threw my daugher under her chin and raised her for a cuddle. I' m still unwrapping, so I' m up to my neck in crates. When one of my people gets injured at the site, I'm up to my neck in bum.

Virtually to get an effect, especially a blow, on the chin. At the chin he took the lethal link of the heavy-weight champion and was occasionally beaten out of action. All he did was take up the chin critique and continue to work on his work. but just take it on your chin and work it out a little bit more.

But we' re the ones who have to wear it on our chin if something goes sour. but that was his perfect assignment, so he really has him on his chin. In the truest sense of the word, approaching an enemy with your chin open and getting struck more easily.

An imaginary combatant with a chin, he dared to beat the outsider. Venturers, known for their chin leadership in investment protection, are being prosecuted for financial crime and financial-lawsuit. In spite of the team's achievements in recent years, their celebrity has shown a striking personality by stretching out his chin and openly affirming his dedication and allegiance to the line.

She would have been really simple for the executive to comply with the executive committee members' dismissal orders, but instead she stretched out her chin, protesting and fighting for her team's privileges and finally succeeded in keeping her work. You can be sure that whenever they get together, there will be lots of chinmush.

He' ll do chin pounding as a kid, a token of love. And he greeted little Mary and threw her under her chin. Don't throw me under my chin! Cheer up, John. Just-- just hold up your chin and tell the magistrate exactly what exactly it was.

Hold your chin up. Keep your chin up. John: Smile, Fred. Hold your chin up. We''d sit around all night making chinmuffs. I thought you played chin trumpet when you should have listened. Lit. to withstand something to the contrary, such as critique. You criticized him bluntly, but he took it on his chin.

For something I didn't do, why do I have to wear it on my chin? When you do, you must know how to wear it on your chin. Lit. to cushion a chin-stroke. So the fighter tried to crouch, but he hit his chin.

I was shocked to hear the sad tidings, but John took it on his chin. Tough break comes over me, and I always take it on the chin. She' ll be waving her chin for hour. He' s on the telephone, waving his chin to his pal. Keeping your chin up will keep you happy in a tough or uncomfortable state.

Despite the continuing set-backs, Richard held his chin up last night. Hold your chin up: things will get better. When someone with a chin is in the lead, he behaves very aggressive and causes a struggle or quarrel. There' s nothing to gain if we lead with our chin. Remark: This term comes from the term punching and relates to a fighter who fights with his chin protruding and makes it easier for his adversary to shoot him.

TOGETHER When you put it on your chin, you courageously embrace critique or a problem. He took it on his chin when the cops came and apologized for the anger he had made. It'?s on our chin. We' re out there and we' re gonna keep in the game.

Notice: Substantives such as critique and failure are sometimes used instead. He' s also willing to take chin critique, which is a good thing. This picture shows a punch on the chin. The Occasionally "bad" choice is unavoidable, and when it comes..... the player must take it on the chin.

The term comes from the middle of the twentieth centuary and refers to the posture of a fighter who keeps his chin intact. show strength or strength. You also keep British English (?pecker old-fashioned) (spoken) to tell someone to remain happy in troubled circumstances: Cheer up! To lose his work after so many years was a great blow, but he took it on the chin.

One, TV, to fight something negative, like critique. They put some coarse cutlets on him, but he took it on his chin. Both old hawks were sitting on the parkbench all lunchtime and waving their chin.

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