It is a coastal town in the southwest of Montenegro, located in the bay of Kotor. The Tivat is located in the central part of the bay of Boka Kotorska. Big savings on hotels in Tivat, Montenegro online. Sightseeing and visiting tips for Tivat, a tourist destination in Montenegro. Figure out why Tivat is Montenegro's aspiring destination and what you should do while you are there.

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The Tivat (Montenegrin-Cyrillic: ?????, pronounced[tîv?at]) is a seaside resort in the south-west of Montenegro in the Gulf of Kotor. The Tivat is the center of the Tivat commune, which is the smallest commune in Montenegro. Montenegrin is known as Tivat (?????); Venetian and Italy as Teodo; the name of the village derives either from the name of the Illyrian queen Teuta, who governed the area in the third century BC, or from the Grecian term "???????".

Tivat is said to have come from the Illyric king Teuta. After all, the name could come from theeltic word "touto", city. Tivat, the youngest city in the Boka area, was founded on the Vrmac foothills. A part of this heritage, owned by the rich Bu?a is a historical villa that now accommodates the Tivat Museum and Gallery.

Tivat, in Venetian called Teodo, stood from 1420 to 1797 under the Republic of Venice as part of Albania Veneta. During those hundreds of years Teodo experienced an economical evolution that drew many Serbian fugitives from Ottoman territories. The Tivat's fast-paced evolution began in the second half of the nineteenth cent. when the Austro-Hungarian Reich constructed a naval armory for its navy.

The city was still influenced by the development of small industries. At the beginning of 1918, seafarers rebelled against the powerful Austria in Tivat Bay. From 1941 to 1943 the city belonged to the Dalmatian administrative district of Italy. 1889 the Navy Armory was constructed by Austrians and later used as a marine basis by the Navy of Italy, the People' s Army of Yugoslavia and the Army of Montenegro.

The Tivat is situated in the centre of the bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska, or just "Boka"), just south of Vrmacs. Most of the commune is situated in the southern part of the city and has an open water outlet at the resort Pr?no-entry at Radovi?i village in the southern part. Tivat airport is situated in the Grbalj valley, which is a fruitful valley.

Lu?tica is situated near the Lu?tica Strait, which for the most part is part of the Herceg Novi area. It has about 14,000 people. In geomorphological terms, Tivat consists of three areas. Second area is the Tivat area, which is levelled out by aquatic activities. The Tivat is the administration center of the Tivat community with 14,031 residents (2011).

By 1991 the commune had 11,404 inhabitants: Tivat is already a favourite place for tourists and is to become a navigational center for tourists in the Mediterranean. Peter Munk, a British merchant, purchased a marine yard in Tivat and intended to convert it into a luxurious holiday destination and yacht harbour for luxurious boats named Porto Montenegro.

Tivat International Airports purchased a state-of-the-art airstrip in 1971 and is now an important international aviation hub. Tivat is the youngest village in the Boka area, but it also has a number of touristic attractions. Buca Renaissance summer house in the center of Buca, Ostrvo Cvije?a (flower island) with sacral memorials, Gornja Lastva, the old core at 300 meters height, the beautiful sand beaches of Plavi Horizonti and the island of Sveti Marko with former Med houses are the most popular.

At Tivat there is a botanical gardens cultivated with presents from Bokan sailers who bring a multitude of tropical trees and ornamentals from their journey. The Tivat is linked to the remainder of Montenegro by the Adriatic Highway, a two-lane highway that stretches the length of the Montenegrin coastline.

There is a Kamenari - Lepetan line of ferries across the Verige Straits, so you don't have to drive all the way around Boka Kotorska to get to the Herceg Novi River. The Tivat International Park is 3 km (1.9 mi) away. It is the largest Montenegrin international airfield, although Podgorica is a more advanced one.

Throughout the year there are frequent services to Belgrade, and during the peak seasons tens of chartered aircraft arrive at Tivat Airport every day. The Tivat is a partner: Commons Wikimedia has created related Tivat press.

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