Tipping in Myanmar

Tips in Myanmar

I' m certainly not the best tipper. Tipping is very common in Asia, but not generally in Myanmar. Extensive and up-to-date information for tourists and business travelers to Myanmar, including visas, weather, currency, internet, language and more. Tips are common in Myanmar and are highly appreciated. So what kind of currency should I use for tipping in Myanmar?

Burma Tipping Policies

In Myanmar, which has only been open to the public for a relatively short time, a tip policy is emerging. Tips are encouraged for particularly good services; salaries are low, so they are certainly valued. However, you should only tip on a earnings base and should not be obligated to do so. These are our tips policy for Myanmar.

We recommend $7-10 per person per working days, which is 10,000kyats. We recommend that you give 2/3 of it to your companion for top quality services, i.e. $3-5 per person per night or 6,000kyats. When you think the experience was particularly good, 10% of the bill is a suggested policy.

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Tip Enquiry for Myanmar

On my journey to Yangon last year I met three tips: the place where I lived (I only remained in one place), the rider who took me to/from the airfield, and the boys who brought some Myanmar and me on motorcycles to Dallah/Twante. I would like to give you all the information about tips in Bagan (if I am going to the temple by bicycle or horse-drawn carriage) and on Inle Lake (for a boating tour).

Tips in Myanmar

What is the tip politics in Myanmar? Tips are not common in Myanmar. However, in a relatively impoverished land like Myanmar, tips are much valued. Taxidrivers and tipshaw-driver usually do not await a tip. Driver and driver of rental cars are expecting a tip. A tip is usually between 2 and 5 US$ per passenger per day for a guide, and between 1 and 2 US$ per driver.

Naturally, tips always depend on the workmanship of the service provided. Departures from Yangon Airport are already covered by most of our airfares. Would you like to know more about Myanmar Travel?

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