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Timi?oara Travels

Romania¹s third biggest town ( after Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca) is also one of the country¹s most appealing neighbourhoods, surrounded by a range of wonderfully renovated open spaces and lush park and garden areas. It is known as Primul Ora? Liber (The First Free City), where the 1989 Ora? strikes first surpassed the Securitate's ability to forcibly oppress and sent Ceau?escu and his woman to their death.

The European Commission has designated Timi?oara as European Capitals of Culture 2021. You will be picked up from your Timisoara residence around 8 am. Like the Romans 2000 years ago, we are crossing the Carpathians and arriving in Transylvania. First of all we are going to Sarmizetetusa Ulpia Traiana, the new capitol of the Dacia region, constructed here by the Romans immediately after the war.

Next we go to Densus, a very old temple constructed with "recycled" material from the ancient Rome town, we continue, cross some scenic hilly areas and reach Hunedoara. The last stop is the Deva Fortress: we can use a funicular or go by road and then go to the top of the 160 metre high mound to see the remains of a medieval fortress.

Back to the Carpathian Mountains we reach Timisoara at about 20 o'clock.

30 best Hotels & Accommodations in Timi?oara, Romania

Are you looking for offers on Timi?oara? Top ranked hotel and accommodation on Timi?oara, with 44,738 ratings from genuine hotelers! Admire the fine arquitecture. Enjoy a great dinner in the 300 year old timber outlet timberisoarian Brauerei. Timi?oara is a nice town, nice building and plots of land..... The Timi?oara is a nice town, nice building and many restaurant to chose from.

It' a really beautiful town, which you can go to and at the same go to rest. It' a really beautiful town, which you can go to and at the same go to rest. Plenty of places to stroll and enjoy the lives of the inhabitants - great cafés, great dining, fantastic cuisine, great architectural design, SUPER-friendly folks!

Slept in the nastiest motel ever. We' ve been to the nastiest motel ever. Don't be in the continuous mo. It' s so much discourteous, so discourteous, the poorest place in the whole wide range, it will never go there again. It'?s so wonderful. Definitely would remain there again if we ever went back to Timisoara.

This whole area is also pretty, so it' definitely a place to visit. Employees were very kind, the situation was good and all the equipment presented in the descriptions was taken into account. Thanks a lot, Pensiunea Normandia, for a great sojourn. Extremely pleasant sojourn! Great dinner in the diner, easy and good breakfasts. Everyone has exceeded my expectation, the room very large and neat, personnel very friendly, eating very good.

Excellent service, lovely gardens, good meals, excellent sleep and: a lovely garden: Inexpensive, neat, good car parks, not far from the town centre. Hospitality personnel were kind and could talk English and helpfully. Comfortable and near the town. Lovely swimming area! Pretty rooms, kind personnel.

Therefore we know that our valuations come from genuine visitors who remained on the site. Visitors staying overnight on the premises can see how calm the room is, how kind the personnel are and much more. At the end of the journey the visitors tell us about their sojourn.

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