Timeline of the Universe

Universe Timeline

The Big Bang to the Big Bang. The end of the universe The mysteries of space Timeline. It' been a long, strange journey for this universe we call home. Now scientists can tell us what happened in almost every millisecond of the Big Bang.

Graphic Timeline of the Universe

The timeline of our universe for more than 20 billion years shows the best estimations of the most important occurrences from the beginning of the universe to the expected later. One big leap on the scales is a billion years, one small leap, a hundred million years. For example, the oldest stone on earth was created about four billion years ago and is labeled at -4e+09 years, whereby 4e+09 corresponds to 4 x 10 of the 9 years; the "Big Bang" most likely occurred 13.8 billion years ago; see Universe Ages.

Graphic timeline of the Stelliferous Era.

The timeline shows the entire story of the universe and where it's going.

When you are the kind of man who sometimes awakes at 3am and is lying in your bedroom trying to twist your little brain around the painfully wide universe and where it's going, then we have something for you (the same). This makes perfect reason, because we talk about the whole life of the universe, from the Big Bang to the "heat death" of everything we know and like.

The Timeline of the Universe, designed by Slovak graphics artist Martin Vargic, includes the past 13 years. We' re starting with the beginning of everything - the Big Bang, from which universe 13 emerged. It produced the oldest known stellar in the universe, Methuselah, which was around 190. In the past, this odd stellar phenomenon has been a source of a great deal of annoyance to the astronomer, because it is estimated that they are around 16 billion years old - long before the universe was born, which makes no point at all.

Only in 2013 did the researchers manage to bring the era of Methuselah into harmony with the universe era by using a new methodology to combine information on range, luminosity, composition and texture to a significantly younger era for the oldest known stellar. "Compose all those components, and you will get an age of 14. 5 billion years, with a remaining degree of unknown, which makes the ages of the Star commensurate with the ages of the universe," administration investigator Howard Bond from Pennsylvania State University said at the Time.

$5 billion is even younger than the projected origin of the universe, the insecurity bond refers to allowed plus or minus 800 million years, which means that their computations could reduce the incidence of Methuselah at 13. Four billion years ago, and the universe reaches its habitat for the first case, and the world is at last given a shot.

Do you want to know when the first Earth atomic reactors were built, or how far back the shining stars were? Once you have found the bottom of the timeline, you' ll be able to relish, for you will be pervaded by all the bloody detail of the universe's projected demise, even if Saturn's circles will disintegrate into powder, the Earth's Earth's Earth's orbit will become totally unbalanced and the Sun's H2.

And if you like this timeline, visit Vargic's website to get it as an application for Android and ifOS.

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