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Yangon Burma Time

Yangon, Myanmar. He is Churchill, the man who brought about the end of Burma's independence. In most time zone countries, time is set in one hour increments from UTC.

Shabbath candlelight times for Yangon, Burma

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Appears as described above. The candlelight timing can be customized by changing the CSS styles that appear at the beginning of the HTML at the bottom. The number of wards to consider: Store these clocks in an iCal format that' s interoperable with many common calendaring applications.

It' a great mithzvah and a great duty to honour the Sabbath 18 min before sundown on Friday night with candlelight.

Yangon and Sightseeing - Yangon (Rangoon) Forums

The best time to see Burma, as noted above, is from Oct. to Feb., but it is a country that can be visited all year round. A 5 or 4 week stay is fine to see Yangon and its surrounding area, 3 or 4 years. Sightseeing, (overnight in Yangon, 4. day)

In Yangon sight seeing plus thirlyin, (former portugese fortress), and Yele Pagode, astonishing place wroth visit. 5th D.

azz in Time: the very first jazzbar in Yangon

Jazzlovers will be enthusiastic! The latest expansion of Yangon's night life, Jaz-in-Time, is the fruit of the owner's life-long vision of opening the "very first Jazzbar in Myanmar". An astounding result: antique lights illuminate the salon, bricks with some of the most important faces of modern music and the perfectly matching swings and Blues music.

azz in Time succeeds in creating the atmosphere for a restful evening with your mates, your extended household or a date - and maybe you spend your evenings here more often than before. Every single working days you will find here musicians who play on a well-placed platform with excellent music.

The opening ceremony of Jugz-in-Time took place on August 18 and featured delicious burger, French fry, chickens and other delights. In spite of the busy nights, the employees were able to provide an extraordinary level of client care to everyone present. Currently there is every Wednesday and Thursday there is a Bluesnight with a welcome cocktail every Friday and Saturday.

azz in Time is the ideal setting for all musical enthusiasts to have a drink and take a snack while they watch a great show - I can't look forward to going back.

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