Time in Myanmar Burma

Myanmar Burma Time

Up-to-date time in Myanmar / Burma, time zone and daylight saving time information. Riding, hiking, cycling and kayaking through some of Myanmar's most beautiful regions. Burma does not adhere to daylight savings time. Opening hours are not uniform. They should take special care of their belongings and take reasonable safety precautions at all times.


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There was a day in Myanmar, Burma.

Burma was once in Myanmar, Burma is the next in the line. I' ll take you to Myanmar, Vietnam. As in my contributions from Laos and Cambodia, these pictures are from 14 years ago. This was a period when Myanmar was not yet very open to the tourist and when you could experience some thrilling adventure while travelling.

Myanmar, then still known as Burma, was a self-contained land about 14 years ago. When you wanted to go to the Philippines, you had to apply for a Bangkok visas and book a plane to Yangon. But from there it was not permitted to enter the countryside.

This article shows pictures of Yangon, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Hisipaw (little Bagan) and Old Bagan, The northern part. I' ve got pictures from the South, but I have to find them. I' ll be updating this article as soon as I've found it. My intention was to visit the upstate of Myanmar, but because of the poor rain in the upstate I had to stop it.

Just like my other contributions about Cambodia and Laos, all pictures were taken with a Canon Powershot point and a camerawork. While I was typing, I thought of calling this position "Myanmar: from Yangon to Mandalay to Bagan and back, by rail and ship". That is what this contribution is about.

On the other hand, when I find my pictures from the southern part, I have to refresh this article and modify the name. From Bangkok, I took a plane to Yangon. You can take a cab from there to Yangon Town, where you will be dropped off in the touristic area.

So I hired a bike and a motorcycle and rode around like in Cambodia and Laos. In Laos and Cambodia it was almost nothing, here it's nothing. In and around Yangon there were only asphalt or cement road. So, Mandalay has a train service and stop frequently.

It was a beautiful journey by rail from Yangon to Mandalay and I can only advise it. That was also noticeable to me back then in Laos and Cambodia. You' ve seen the pictures from Laos and Cambodia, they look good in comparison to Myanmar. It is no wonder that many refugees have escaped the countryside and are working in Thailand.

That was not the only cause why refugees from Myanmar escaped. It was not smart at that point to go northwards into the mountain and uphill. However, even during this period it was quite simple to move around Burma. Yangon: formerly known as Rangoon is the Yangon region of Myanmar, also known as Burma.

Myanmar's capitol was Yangon until 2006, when the country's army regime moved the capitol to the specially constructed community of Naypyidaw in the heart of Myanmar. Yangon, with over 7 million inhabitants, is the biggest town in Myanmar and the most important trading town. It has the greatest number of houses from Southeast Asia's Colonies and has a remarkable and unspoilt Colonian town.

It also houses the gold-plated Shwedagon Necklace - Myanmar's holiest Buddhist one. Mughal Emperor's last tomb is in Yangon, where he was banished after the 1857 mob. There' is much to see and do in and around Mandalay.

If you have a few more working hours, you can have a look around Mandalay. Bagan: It is an old town in the centre of Myanmar, south-west of Mandalay. Situated on the east bank of the Ayeyarwady River, it is known for the archaeological area of Bagan, where more than 2,000 buddhistic memorials rise above verdant plateaus.

One of the sacred places around Old Bagan is the decorated Ananda Temple, which was erected in 1091 and is covered with a gold stupa. I' had a great day in Bagan. When I was visiting Myanmar, the land was really underdeveloped and dirty. Myanmar was not even halfway to neighbouring lands such as Laos and Cambodia.

Burma now. Myanmar is now more open than ever. After all coral is extinct in Thailand, many scuba diver go to Myanmar. It is becoming more prosperous and more free than ever. Myanmar won't be a second Thailand, I do. l really sincerely trust that the land will keep its original appearance.

Meanwhile, many Thailand's tour operators have already made investments in Myanmar to be there when the land really opens up to massive tourists.

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