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Burma, formally known as Burma and officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is the largest non-island in Southeast Asia. Myanmar (Burma) is your comprehensive travel guide. A few suggestions on how long you should consider the most popular destinations in Burma (Myanmar). I'll take you to Myanmar, Vietnam. ""It is time for the UN and the international community to act.


Myanmar (Burma) bank and time zone holiday, office hour and time zone

Burma has missions in many major nations and extra missions in several local towns in China and the United States. Visit a listing of Myanmar's overseas diplomatic missions and consular offices. The majority of overseas missions are in Yangon, Myanmar's biggest urban and commercial area. Mandalay also has a number of consular offices in China and India.

See the shortlist of overseas consular and embassy locations in Myanmar. A complete Myanmar festive calender can be found here. The Thingyan ( "Burma New Year's Day is by far the largest national celebration in Myanmar, and sometimes the office closes for a longer time than the formal season of the year.

It can be hard to get long-distance traffic during the Thingyan Festival: rail traffic is restricted, there are no restrictions at all on many lines and on others, but the aircraft usually run according to a uniform schedule. In addition, the transportation at the beginning and end of the event can be very full and should always be reserved in advanced.

Opening times in Myanmar may differ, but in general the following applies: POs and other governments: You go to Mail Service for mailervices. UTC/GMT +6½ is the time for all of Myanmar. There is no summer time in Myanmar - time is the same all year round. Letter and postcard shipping is low, but can take a long time - or not at all.....

Suggested for large and high value parcels, DHL has branches in Yangon and Mandalay: the latest in connection in this rapidly-changeing land.

36-hrs in Yangon, Myanmar

It is Myanmar time, and the country's largest town, Yangon (formerly Rangoon), is looking forward to becoming the next booming town in South East Asia. This year Myanmar, also known as Burma, will continue to be in the limelight and chair the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. But now that the roadmap for legislation and reform is being drafted, the town stays in a kind of metropolitan time loop and is still waiting for a much-needed injection of funds to push ahead with its revival.

Gold palagodas, old farmhouses, old business premises and decaying villas from the jazzy period create a flat weave unparalleled in Asia, which is sewn together by tree-lined alleys with busses and coaches. Whilst inter-ethnical and inter-faith conflicts are smouldering along Myanmar's borders, even in isolated Rakhine State, where there have been recent eruptions of inter-faith violence, Yangon is far from these areas.

But time will tell whether the town will regain its former stature as a metropolitan town. On Yangon's mesmerizing riverside avenue, Strand Road, impressive structures such as the Custom House, the Central Post Office and the British Embassy testify to the city's reputation as one of the British Empire's most important trade and trade centres.

The Strand Hotel, one of the best-preserved Yangonian manor houses, has hosted globetrotters almost without interruption since it was opened in 1901 by the Armenian Sarkies Brothers, owner of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. It is also home to the River Gallery I, opened by Gill Pattison in 2005 and the perfect place to discover the vibrant Yangon modern arts world.

In the past year, Ms. Pattison opened the River Gallery II in a former high-ceiling legal practice. The Beach Bar is a somewhat dull teak, dark brown suede and buzzing roof ventilators and comes to live during Friday night's happily hours when half priced beverages and a secular mix of hoteliers, expats and local people come together for a Dagon beer (draught, 3,000 kyats, or about $3 to 940 kyats to the dollar) or a beach sour of Mandalay rhum (about 8,000 kyat).

Just a few blocks away on Strand Road, in the stately building of the Myanmar Red Cross, is the new Union Bar & Grill, opened last March, where you will find free Wi-Fi, free meals and homemade kaffir lipette roman mango sunset (about 6,500 kyat). Barbecue, Beer and Beyond | 7pm When the tropic sundown, the 19. road between Maha Bandoola and Anawrahta Roads is still sizzling.

One barbecued seafood is about 5,000 kyats. Prissy about the road-walker? Another Burma specialty dining option from Salad to Curry, such as the Taing Yin Thar Myanmar National Restaurant or Khine Khine Kyaw, is a taxi-hop near Inya Lake, a neighborhood of the city where once mouldy mansions look out from behind the wall and luxuriant leaf.

Supper in both places costs 10,000 to 15,000 kyats. 9am Golden Land 5am Monsoon and More 1pm One of the first old commercial buildings to be renovated for official use, the Monsoon Restaurant & Bar catches an upgraded wicker and more vib. Take a French windows and fill up with ice cream cafe, juice or a pan-Asian luncheon (beef Thai red cheese, 7,000 kyats; vietnamese egg roll, 5,000 kyat) while outdoor streets roll: men smoke cheroot, girls wear sunshades for the shelter.

Revenues from pearl jewellery, glass goods, hand-made toy (3,000 to 25,000 Kyat) and fabrics from the conflictual Rakhine State go back to the towns. A few boulders from there to the Botataung Pagoda on the riverbank, where pagoda walkers stare at jewelled old icon and sacred objects (like a small shell of "the sand of Buddha Gaya") inside the gold-gilded shrine - reconstructed after a bomb attack directed at a shipyard near by, instead destroying the initial stupa and unveiling old treasure that was in it.

Return to the Futures | 18:00 To capture Yangon's turbulent past and opportunities for the years to come, grab a copy of the illustrative book "30 Heritage Buildings of Yangon" at Governor's Residence Hôtel Souvenirshop on Taw Win Road and watch it at a sun-downer on the pool patio of this 1920s teak villa in the city's luxuriant embassy district.

A visit to this wonderful shop in Yangon, a member of the Orient Express Group, is one of the most extraordinary events in Yangon. Extend your time with French-Indian cooking such as aromatic lobsters and shellfish noodles (23,000 kyat) in Le Planteur, in a former farmhouse near the Shwedagon Pagoda. Unnvarnished City | 10:00 a.m. Within a brief distance of the Sule Pagoda, a historical cult site in the middle of a raging tourist district, you can discover such sights as the Immanuel Baptist Church, the Bengali Sunni Jameh Mosque, the former Rowe & Company shopping mall and the City Hall - a lavender-coloured pâtiche in Burmesian and English stil.

At Pansodan Street, near by, the bookseller shows books from the Men period such as "Marxist Philosophy" and "Business Systems Development". "The Lokanat Gallery houses exhibits of modern artworks in a wonderfully dilapidated edifice. Savoury pasta from Shan State, a hilly country in the east of Myanmar bordered by Thailand, Laos and China, may be the best.

Try them out at the 999 Shan Noodle Shop, a flawless opening in the walls just behind Yangon City Hall. The venerable Shwe Yi, a brief cab journey away from the Sule Pagoda, also served delicious pasta. Taste the uncooked coco pasta (500 kyat), a popular Myanmar souca. Bogyoke Aung San Market (formerly Scott Market), a large 1926 preserve, is the place where you can buy the sarong-like lunggyi (about 2,000 to 20,000 kyat).

Breathe after your day's sightseeing by taking a breather with Burma's older classes, who have preserved the flavor of evening teas and secular conversations. Beach Hotel, 92 Beach Road; hotelthestrand.com. Rivers 33/35, 37 and 38 Street, rivergallerymyanmar.com. Hotelthestrand.com. The Strand Bar, 92 Strand Road.

42 Strand Road; Unionyangon.com. 3rd Nineteenth Road, between Maha Bandoola and Anawrahta Roads. 108 19th St., Ko San Bar. 5A Parami Road, 95-1-9660-792. 42 A Parami Road, 95-9-7300-6422. SWEDAGON Pagoda. 118A Yay Tar Shay St., 95-1-548-501.

Theinbyu Road, 85-87 Monsoon Restaurant & Bar; monsoonmyanmar.com. Theinbyu Road 300. 7th Botataung Pagode. 7. résidence du gouverneur, 35, Taw Win Road ; governorsresidence.com. The Planteur, 22 Kaba Aye Pagodenstrasse; leplanteur.net. The Sule Pagoda. Locanat Gallery, 62 Pansodan Road; lokanatgalleries.com. D-999 Shan Noodle Shop, 130B 342th St. 27 Maha Bawga Road.

The Acacia Tea Salon, 52 Saya San Road; acaciateasalon.com.

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