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You can take your time, rest and try to do every sunrise and sunset. Monthly calendar of sunrise and sunset for Bagan, Mandalay, Myanmar. It' best time to ride those balloons over Bagan. The Bagan is the old settlement that really put Myanmar (Burma) on the map.

I was in Bagan, Myanmar, and it really stunk.

Myanmar, Bagan has always been a vision of mine. Mr President, I cannot even recall how long I have been hoping to travel to Myanmar one of these days, to Burma. BAGAN. You will always have one of those memories. Or, at least, as in the breath-taking cheese images you see of Bagan all the time.

This just doesn't look like I thought it would. Now when I look at the images, I kind of like it. I was in Bagan all two nights in the rains. I tried, though. I really tried. At half past three in the afternoon I got up, took my rental bicycle in the heavy rains and got astray.

I' d never thought Bagan would be so big. I was looking for the final perspective, equipped with a screen shot of a photo taken by my pal Sebastian from Offthepath of Bagan. And it was shitty because of the crowds of people. Yeah, you can't see them on the photos, but they're everywhere.

It was just Bagan himself who was shit. While some of them watch television in churches, others devote themselves entirely to their religions. Those guys I ran into in Bagan made Bagan a better place. However, Bagan himself with his shrines and palagodas and the "unique thing" was really shit.

Were you in Bagan, Myanmar?


Do you want to travel to Myanmar?" Accompany me on an un-tour to Myanmar for food, festivals and photography in November 2018. The first 5 "Un-Tours to Myanmar" were striking. Have a look at this summary of the first one. By far the most beloved attraction in Myanmar / Burma. Myanmar/Burma is a place that is quickly evolving, so some things (like prices) can be slightly different from what you see here when you leave.

Starting in Bagan can make a trip through the remainder of Burma more costly. I' ve spend more than 6 month in and around Bagan / Nyaung U area between 2013 and 2018 looking for Bagan's best sunrises and sundowns (!), and here's what you need to know to make the most of your time there.

The rates are often quoted in Myanmar Kyaat, which is about 1350 kyaat / $1 US $ (more or less). Have a look at my new Kalaw Super Guide if you want to go to the Shan State. They could have put 1-3 working Days aside for your Bagan trip, and I will tell you to take whatever you have devised and spend a one or two more.

It is not a good place to jump and you will just feel tired and may not appreciate it as much as you might. No matter how many nights you are planning in Bagan, you will want more in the end. You can take your time, relax and try to do every dawn and sundown.

This is the most enchanting time and you have probably come to Myanmar to absorb the magicks it has to provide. Don't spoil it by storming around and trying to review a schedule! At 1000k yat (~$1 USD) you get a large folding and detailled card with the most important chapels of interest labelled, as well as several hundred others that are unnamed but potentially fantastic.

Situated in the heart of the city, this is great for (generally) scheduling your daily schedule, and find ways to prevent congestion around the main locations, which is especially terrible around sundown time. The sunsets can be terrible, so make sure you know in advance! They can get it from just about any small store in Nyaung U, Old Bagan or New Bagan.

Since you have your trustworthy card, there are a few ways to find your way around Bagan. By the way, many of the trails and side streets are quite sand, so that one can assume that one will push the bicycle anyway a good part of the time. I personally like these e-bicycles, they are a newcomer ((2013) in the Bagan region, and if you ask me, they are fantastic.

Make sure that the handlebar is firmly seated, the brakes are working well and the throttle pedal is working well. They could be paying more if you are in old Bagan or stay at a resort, but 6000k - 8000k/day is different about the going rates these days. ÿThis is not the case. In addition, you will not have a (real) hard hat and you should make it more secure..... of course in the Myanmar area.

If you are going to have a dawn, it is important to know that most bicycle stores do not open until after 8am, a few too few hrs too far in the morning to experience the magical things you came here for. When you plan to keep the bicycle for several nights, I suggest that you take the bicycle back after dawn and replace the batteries with a new one so that you can ride on and ride an e-bike you are used to.

I like " Modern Bike " along the Nyaung U highway near the junction to Shwezigon Pagoda Ro. Bikers riding through the powdery streets of Bagan as twilight approaches. And more for dawn. Ohh horse-drawn carriages, what a charming way to see the temple of Bagan. In case you have the feeling that you have to try out the horse-drawn wagon, I suggest that you only get one for the sundown.

It is against the laws for aliens to travel or travel by motorcycle in and around Bagan, so do not try to hire one, and do not try to request a trip on one. These small, three-wheeled tuk-tuks come from India and can be found near Nyaung U and New Bagan.

One can stuff a few of these into one of them, and you don't get a lot of views, but it's great to get around the city, or maybe a dawn trip to the shrines. When you want air conditioning during your run, then a rented cab is the right way.

Because of the sand "streets" some of them are not accessible, others can be reached more quickly on foot than by cars. Torch / head lamp for cold or early exploration. Apart from the strange sanctuary, there are not many places in the Bagan plain where you can shelter from the sundown.

Around 3:30 or so, go back to a dusk to recall. If you get trapped behind a backlog of busses and bullock trucks that are also trying to arouse madness, make sure you arrive early at the sanctuary of your choosing. It also gives you the possibility to test the lights in both direction.

Don't overlook the back to see what the soft glow looks like in front of the sundown. After driving through a farmer's land to get around, I just got through photographing the setting sundown. The majority of them leave the temples and hurry back to their dinners after sundown.

When you want to go to the big temple without another visitor, just drop by after 19:00. Dhammayangi checkout (Haunted) after nightfall, but take a torch or headlight. Please note: Since January 2018 it is forbidden to climb the temple. Part of this is to preserve the temple and for security purposes.

After a fall from a sanctuary, an US citizen was murdered in November 2017. These are some of my favourite sunrises and sunsets. It is a favourite with backpackers because it is relatively near Nyaung U along Anawrahta Rd (easy to reach by bike), and the sand "road" that leads in cannot drive a schoolbus.

It' s quite a climb, so be cautious and take your time. Great for sunrises or sunsets. Often the reception will search for your Bagan passport. View over Sulamani at sundown and is reachable from behind. It' notable that the way back to Nyaung U is very rugged on the chart and a good way to get lost, so take the way back to Sulamani instead (especially after dark).

HINT: When I was last there in November 2017, the template was unfortunately closed. Sulamani sanctuary with backlight at sundown, seen from the top of Thebeik Hmauk. The untitled sanctuary is easy to access from Anawrata Road southwards from Nyaung U nearer Old Bagan. It is not well labelled, but it is the second one on the lefthand side after the turn-off to Buledi by Nyaung U. The way to the first deck is only a staircase (nothing too crazy), but it takes a little bit of climb to get to the second and third one.

The Thiri and her kind ancestors are the key rings of the template, are very kind and will help you. Away from the well-worn paths, so you will probably be sharing this with only a few for sundown. Now 30-40+ neighbours await you at sundown, but as in most places, it disappears after sundown.

Remain 30 mins after sundown to see the best pictures southwards towards Old Bagan. Entrance to the sanctuary from Bagan-Nyaung U Rd. just outside Hti-Lo-Min-Lo by the Raya-Nda-Zu group. Continue along the ever sandier street until you see it on the lefthand side. It is a quadratic sanctuary, and you are entering the staircase along the inside walls on the right.

It' s not that big, but it's a great place to take the flats alone at dawn, take it all with you or read up on your diary. More easily accessible than Oak Kyaung Gyi right on Nyaung-U / Old Bagan Rd means you'll probably be sharing it with a few additional folks, but I've never seen a coach there as it can be a little tough at upstairs.

There are good vistas of Hti-lo-min-lo, especially at sundown, if you stay below the skyline a little after sundown and the light is on. Situated behind Dhamma-yan-gyi on a slightly sanded street, this sanctuary is an exquisite point of dawn. Neighbouring South Guni is slightly narrower and a little further from Dhamma-yan-gyi, but you'll probably have it to yourself by dawn.

The small group off the Min-nan-thu street is a peaceful place in a place that does not attract many people. Sundown is better than sundown here because of the closeness to the Bagan lookout tower, and you will probably have the space for yourself. To the south of the Min-Nan-Thu turnoff it is difficult to get from Nyaung U to dawn, and after sundown a longer ride in the darkness, but possibly an magnificent one if you stay in New Bagan.

Also these are some of my favourites, not necessarily those with the greatest historic sign. A" great", this main sanctuary has high ceiling and many Buddha. One more big sanctuary, this one on Nyaung U / Old Bagan Rd. The hotel is situated on Min-nan-thu Village Rd.

Visit also the cavern convent here. Rent a 15000k-20000k cruiser on the Nyaung U pier to go up the stream and see a few side sanctuaries. Be on the sea around 14:30 or 15:00 so you have enough time to visit the temple ashore and back on the riverbank to watch the sun set on the Ayeyarwaddy.

Thai curry is also tasty, as are Myanmar salad and chickensatay. Especially in the evening, in the afternoons for a (somewhat) softer time. In the " Restaurants in Nyaung U. Sanon " is a new restaurants / welfare company in Nyaung U (read more about welfare companies in Myanmar), and is praised as a way for underprivileged young people to work in gastronomy.

They can make Sanon near Thante Hotel in Nyaung & Reservations and you can do it directly on their website. Sharkey's opened its Nyaung U venue in a former movie theater in September 2016. A large open-air bistro with traditional food, bread, tasty lettuce.... and farmhouse to fork pizzas.

The ice of 3500k/scoop is the best I had in Myanmar (from FAR). It is also a non-smoking place, which makes it a dreamland in a place like Myanmar, where foreign smokers who are not permitted to smok at home try to make up for their time.

It is brandnew from November 2017 and at that time (I was only there once) the best meal in the Bagan region. It is better naked and more varied than Aroma (2) on the other side of the avenue. Situated in the series of restaurants opposite Aroma (2). Aromas ( (2) is the second best place in Nyaung U was closed in May 2017 due to rental increases, but they are still open.

In the " restaurants " in Nyaung U. The Black Bamboo is a peaceful place in a beautiful gardens in the afternoons. Situated directly on the "Restaurantreihe" in Nyaung U (see sign). When in Old Bagan, take a look at the Be Kind to Animals - The Moon south of Ananda Temple.

Inspect the plank for their specials, as they give you the best choices of fruit and vegetables of the year. The Starbeam Bistro (also in Old Bagan at Ananda Temple) is another one. That' always a favourite of my Un-Tour To Myanmar group. Treat Animanls - The Moon (2) has just opened in New Bagan, in case you are in the area, and is a really nice place inside the Blahs, which is New Bagan.

A much more beautiful environment than Old Bagan, and this is a great place to relax and have snacks in the afternoons. Briefly, you will find the best places in and around Nyaung U, the middle class places in New Bagan and the most expensive resort around Old Bagan. Independents will want to remain near Nyaung U, which has the most eateries and more of the busy lives and market places.

Old Bagan is full of unusual resort properties belonging to Cronies. I have a top dollar along the Shwe Na Di along the high street, not far from the Shwezigon Pagoda Crossing in Nyaung U. Great place, just a few minutes walk from our restaurants, some great teashops and the best e-bike-store.

If you want to go one pace higher (they have a pool!), just check out Zfreeti Hotel a pair of clusters off the Restaurant Series in the $65 range and up. For the best option in the list, please review Agoda and definitely make your reservation in advanced if you go ahead during the high seasons (Nov-Feb).

Bagan's high peak is also the arid November-February time. My own experiences show that the pictures are better from the end of November to the end of January, with the fumes in the sky getting in the way in mid-February this is also the only time of the year when the famed Bagan balloon takes off.

Balloon over Bagan, in the distance Bagan's biggest sanctuary "Dhamayangi". Daylight savings time, or the hottest time of the year, is from March to April and would be quite intolerable here. Several of the streets may be in poor condition at this time of year, and you may miss the sky and sunrise and sunset epics for which Bagan is best known.

When it comes to actually coming to Bagan, there are a few choices. Coaches run every morning and evening from all the places in Myanmar you are likely to meet (Myanmar, Inle Lake/Nyaungshwe, Yangon, Pyay, etc.) through Bagan. Earplugs are also a good wager, as often a film or noisy Myanmar sound is played (especially on the normal bus), which is about 5 min. long and enjoyable.

A small amount of running hot and cold running cold running hot and cold running cold is usually provided, and they stop every 4-6 hrs for a 30 minute stop /toilet break/meal and you have to get off the bustran. The simplest way is to reserve the coach through your guest house or a tourist agency. There is now a 8km outside the city and the tugboats are looking for about 3000km/person to take you to Nyaung U (more for Old Bagan / New Bagan).

Nyaung U is served by Yangon, Mandalay, Heho (Inle Lake) and others there. You should make an appointment in advanced with a regional airline, as most of them do not provide a secure onlinebooking. Saves a lot of time in your itinerary, especially if you have little time in the state.

Nyaung U is about 10 minutes by car from the international airports and it is simple to organize a cab there (~5000k). Sundown on the bank of the Ayeyarwady at Nyaung U, Myanmar (Burma). For more information, see the following commentaries. You' re going to have your greatest foe in Bagan, the sundown. In the warm and arid plain there are only a few shady spots, so suncream and fresh air are yourfriend.

Have a litre of hot tub with you, because if you jump out of the sanctuary, you may not find one. Large sanctuaries have merchants who are willing to offer you bottled waters, although you can add a small surcharge to the city' s prices. I' ve seen some queues myself in the Bagan Plain, and I've come across furs in some tranquil sanctuaries.

It is more likely that you will find queues in agricultural areas and places with long gras, so I advise you not to walk around the temple that have not been freed from bark. Entering the temple is not without its own risks. Most of them are almost 1000 years old, with tens of quakes that shook them at that time.

Even the recent renovation by the old army regimes was at best meagre and caused these churches to collapse. There are no more mountaineering dates in these sanctuaries and it is likely that in the near term rock climbers will be outlawed. You can also help them to find a particular sanctuary or at least direct you in the right directions.

One of the night I was out and about, the touristic cops were driving a lorry along the street where I shot the star over the temple around it. Although I cannot talk for anyone else, I can give you a little insight into how much I normally pay for a full working days in Bagan.

When you are looking for original presents made in Myanmar that are beneficial to the community, visit the MBoutik community building program on Anawratha Road (near the postal service) and Pomelo at the " Restaurantrow. Find more good places to invest your funds in my guide to Myanmar's community enterprise.

There' s a charge to the Bagan Archaeological Zone and it is usually taken when entering one of the large Buddhist monasteries like Shwesandaw in the afternoons & sunsets, Hti Lo Min Lo in the afternoons and Pya Tha Da for the sunsets.

Their capacity to prevent this "fee" (of which only about 2% is used to maintain Bagan) is marginal nowadays, and they inspect for a current passport in most places where you can see a dawn or sundown. Don't be expecting the same speed you're used to at home (not even nearby), but at least you can post your email, social networking site, and maybe even an image from your supper to Instagram.

Please see my report about Myanmar / Burma. Cellphonecover in Bagan for the tourists is available with Ooredoo, Telenor or MPT. The Ooredoo has the highest speed in my testing and better services than the old favourite Telenor, especially in Bagan / Nyaung U. In general, however, the accessibility in and around Bagan is very bad, although it is quickly getting better.

If you want to know more about cell phone in Myanmar / Burma, please have a look at my article. Burma is a Buddhist province, and Bagan is an important and vibrant place of worship. Make sure you show your respectfulness by covering your shoulder and legs when you walk on your head. When insisting on wear trousers over the lap or a sleeveless top, take a shawl or longji to dress up in the sanctuary.

You' ll also have to take off your boots and your boots and your boots when you go into a sanctuary, and with so many sanctuaries around you (that's why you're here.....) you'll take them off often. As a rule, the sanctuaries are looked after by a key holder or a local familiy. They' re very little remunerated to take charge of these old sanctuaries, so it's common to dump a few hundred kyats for you to open a sanctuary when you're off the well-trodden paths.

Behaviour in Myanmar / Burma. Would you like to know more about your forthcoming Bagan tour or would you like help in adapting your itinerary? Can I help you make your time in Bagan and Myanmar remember.

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