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Myanmar Time to Solve the Rohingya Problem, Opinion News & Top Stories

Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's head Aung San Suu Kyi, is no apology for her failure to act quickly to end the terrible war in the Rakhine State in the West. Last week's early morning rounds saw the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Force (Arsa) launch co-ordinated assaults on 30 policing and military stations in Rakhine.

The fighters used home-made explosive, machete and small weaponry to attack the police in Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung districts. Tatmadaw - the military - reacted quickly, killing (and detaining) at least 77 of them. Reversing their instruction last year that the stateless of Rakhine should not be called "Bengalis" or "Rohingya" but "Muslims" to prevent national tension.

They believe in an eyes for eyes and teeth for teeth and will show no clemency to the Rohingya fighters. A number of members of the administration may be willing to follow their advice and give the Rohingya their long due privileges in order to give them universal health and other state benefits.

He was a strong supporter of the Rohingya people's right in Myanmar. He is visiting the troubled country (to take place later this year) at a point in history when the Bengali authorities have decided to cleanse the Bengali-speaking Rakhineese in the Buddhist state.

horn of embarrassment reserved for the Pope in Myanmar, there are far-reaching effects of the first pontifical visiting to the predominantly buddhistic country, which has been shaken in recent few clashes by the resurrection of the Rohingya Muslims. Myanmar's tough handling of the Rohingya or "nowhere men" has been loudly criticized by the Pope, and the alleged democratic change less than two years ago has done little to alleviate their ailment.

Pope Francis' arrival comes at a particularly turbulent time for Myanmar. Sunday the Pope again denounced "the persecution of our Rohingya brothers" and appealed "to men and ladies of good will to help them and to secure their full rights". As with his earlier intervention, the commentaries are likely to enrage nazi who claim that the Rohingya are not the Myanmar tribe, but Bangladeshis who have no right to do so.

Rarely have such blatant violations of people' s freedoms and the certainties of public international right occurred. With their dilemmas becoming more and more unpleasant, they find themselves in a different corner between nationalist religions and the still mighty army that governed for years before the turning point election in November 2015, and the West's donor and humanitarian organizations.

Recent confrontations between the safety force and fighters of the self-proclaimed Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army in Rakhine are said to have been the deadliest in recent times, killing more than 100 deaths. Myanmar's drama is that the intrinsic frailty of its democracies has been revealed. Myanmar's blaming "extremist Bengali insurgents" for the military assault on its military personnel on 25 August underscores the core of the Rakhine state issue.

Rohingya are as Bengali as the English Americans. Myanmar's stance of refusing its own has reinforced its position against the Rohingya. Rohingya have lived in Rakhine for hundreds of years. This was his response to his failed attempts to persistently evict the Rohingya from the west provinces into Bangladesh.

In 1978, he succeeded in evicting almost a third or 300,000 of the entire Rohingya with a full-scale armed operations called "Operation King Dragon", allegedly for the control of migrants. After this deportation policies fail, he reverted to a legitimate identity card - the Citizenship Act of 1982. The assassination of several Myanmar forces by fighters sparked the violent events that took place on the Rohingya in the name of the fight against last October's uprising.

Firstly, it cannot open its door formally to the Rohingya who are being pursued, but it cannot forcibly throw them back into the tooth of force and insecurity. This is not a policy constraint, as it would be encouraging the Myanmar authorities to keep creating the necessary preconditions to drive all Rohingya out of their home country on a permanent basis and to achieve their long-standing goal.

However, the reception of large numbers of migrants will have a negative impact on Bangladesh's safety and socio-economic situation. Their answer to the horrors of their own safety force was that they worked according to "the rule of law". It' t is the moment for Myanmar to recognize the mistake of its Rohingya-politics.

She has promoted, if anything, extremeism among the younger members of the Rohingya people.

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