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Today we went to Myanmar Plaza to buy a cup of Cha Time Premium Tea with grass jelly. Surprising verdict in Myanmar favours imprisoned Reuters journalists YANGON, Myanmar - In the first significant verdict in favour of two detained Reuters reporter, the court on Wednesday said it would take proof from a lieutenant commander who said that an army commander had been ordered to arrest one of the journalist. In the case under close observation, both sides seemed to be surprised by the judgment of U Ye Lwin, who had previously taken the side of the public prosecutor's office to continue the case.

Myanmar's justice system is not known for its sovereignty. On April 20, the chief of state, Moe Yan Naing, had already payed a fee for his statement against the state. He has since been secretly convicted to one year in jail for an undisclosed breach of the law on discipline, and his wife and daughter have been expelled from the law enforcement dormitory.

Mr. Wa Lone, 32, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, were detained on December 12 after meeting two policemen at a Yangon restaurants who gave them some paperwork. Her attorneys say that they were apprehended so quickly after they exited the place that they had no time to look at the documentation.

Defence has argued that they were arrested by the cops. Back then, the journalists investigated the slaughter of 10 Rohingya Muslims in the town of Inn Din in the state of Rakhine. Mr. Wa Lone and Mr. Kyaw Soe Oo found the bulk graves of the victim and revealed photographs of the 10 of them kneel in a row with their arms bound before being murdered.

These massacres took place in September when the Burmese army and some Buddha civilian Rohingya Muslims attacked, killed and raped tens of thousends and drove some 700,000 Rohingya migrants across the Bangladesh-Band. Moe Yan Naing said in his April statement that a policeman, Tin Ko Ko Ko Ko, had ordered officials to try to trap Mr Wa Lone and give him classified paper.

Capitaine said he had previously ministered in the Inn Din community and that he had a meeting with Mr Wa Lone in November. Mr Moe Yan Naing was also detained on 12 December. According to the statement of the master, the public prosecutor had asked the court to make him an enemy and said that he had given the policemen another tale.

When the court rejected her request, the court said he thought the master was trustworthy. "He is a trustworthy eyewitness because he testified as a policeman," said the court in the announcement of his ruling. U Kyaw Min Aung, senior public attorney, dismissed a testimony after the trial and quickly exited the court.

The Danish ambassador to Yangon, Peter Lysholt Hansen, participated in the meeting and said he was heartened by the judge's ruling. It demanded the immediate freeing of the two journalists and an inquiry into whether the general had ordered their detention. Judges previously refused to post bond. Mr Wa Lone noted that Thursday was declared World Press Freedom Day by the United Nations.

Yangon and Richard C. Paddock from Bangkok.

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