The town of Tiel is a municipality and a town in the centre of the Netherlands. Tiel was once an important trading town and is one of the largely unknown historical towns in the east of the Netherlands with its own history. One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Tiel, formerly Thiel, gemeente (municipality), central Netherlands, at the Waal, west southwest of Arnhem. One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, Tiel was even a trading town of international importance in the tenth century.


The Tiel (Dutch pronunciation: til ] (listen)) is a community and a city in the centre of the Netherlands. It is surrounded by the Waal and Linge on the southern and northern sides and the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal on the eastern side. It is the biggest city in the Betuwe, known as one of the centers of Netherlands fruits-growing.

Once Tiel hosted the renowned De Betuwe preserve plant. Reminiscent of this branch is a jam-making shop and a Flipje sculpture, the cartoon character of the Himbeer, which has been in the ads of the De Betuwe marble plant since the thirties. One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Initially situated on the Linge, it became an important trading center in the early Middle Ages, especially after the fall of Dorestad in the ninth millennium.

Later, in the Middle Ages, Tiel was connected to the Hanseatic League. Tiel had two large cathedrals at the peak of its splendour, one of which, St. Walburg, was a monastery cathedral belonging to the Teutonic Order and disappeared after the Reformation, while the other, St. Maarten, became a Protestant one.

Each year, on the third Saturday in September, a celebration called "Fruitcorso" takes place to mark the Betuwe fruits year. There will be a march of cars adorned with fruits through the town on this particular date, racing for the first three places. Alongside the channel, various organizations produce fruity medals, which also compete for a place among the top three.

Historically, this festival has been supported by "Appelpop", a free two-day musical festival on the Waalkade. Because of Appelpop's attractiveness, Fruitcorso and Appelpop were separated, with Appelpop taking the second Friday and Saturday in September. It is also known for its tinsmithery. At the beginning of 2004, the last tin plant with a small history collection, which mainly manufactured collector's items for the tourist, went into bankruptcy, but has since been resurrected.

From Tiel you can start to discover the picturesque Betuwe region, especially in May when all the local fruits are in blossom. Menno ter Braak (1902-1940), a writer and polemic poet from the Netherlands, raised in Tiel.

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