Three City states

The three city states

There are three red stars on the flag of the Washington District of Columbia. Each city-state in the Empire has one. There are two cities in Germany, Berlin and Hamburg, which are considered city states. Furthermore, the state of Bremen is often referred to as a city state, although it consists of the two cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven, which are separated by the state of Lower Saxony.

There are three companies that rule the world: London, Washington DC and Vatican City

Global occurrences, most of which are "engineered", left a trace that led to the architect. Next we find that there are three towns on the planet that are not under any kind of government, they have their own rules, they don't have their own tax, they have their own policemen and they even have their own banner of "independence".

The 3 towns are in charge of the economic system, the armed attacks and the intellectuals of the rulers. These 3 towns are actually companies and they are the City of London, the District of Columbia and the Vatican. Collectively, they monitor policymakers, the judiciary, educational establishments, the provision of foods, physical and cultural assets, external policy, the business community, the financial system and the financial flows of most countries, and 80% of the world's rich.

Ultimately, their goal is to establish a kind of worldwide totality in which men are split into ruler and ruler after they have emptied the earth of the numbers they want to have. We have to realize that the worid doesn't work according to what we were made to believe.

In the centre of each city-state are huge phallic-shaped stony memorials named Obelisques. The London Obelisk (also known as Cleopatra's Needle): Situated on the bank of the Thames, this obelisk was brought to London and built in 1878 under the rule of Queen Victoria. Initially, the Obelisk was in the city of On or Heliopolis (the city of the sun) in Egypt.

Both sides of the obelisks are encircled by a sphere, more antique symbols. Sr: Sr: Sr: Vatican obelisk: London came into being when the Romans came to Great Britain 2000 years ago and founded a trade station on the Thames.

In 1694, exactly 1000 years later, William the Conqueror (King William III) gave the City of London the Sovereignty of the City, which allowed them to enjoy further segregated charter and privilege as long as they recognised him as King. However, the monarchs who followed William chose to construct a new capitol and called it Westminster.

The king and mayor of the city have fought each other in many cases. It is strange that the legislation adopted by the British Parliament does not cover the City of London. However, the City of London is not an autonomous country like the Vatican. The City of London is now a 1 kmĀ² large city.

These two Londoners have separated city councils and choose separated majors to levy different tax to finance them. The City of London has its own coat of arms and its own colors, while London City does not. Mayor of the City of London is entitled "The Right Honorable the Lord Mayor of London" and drives to Guildhall in a gold coach, while the Mayor of London is wearing a uniform and taking a coach.

Mayor of London has no authority over the Right Honorary Lord Mayor of London (City of London). What is special is that the City of London is a corporation and is older than the United Kingdom, but has a member of the British Parliament represented by a man named Remembrancer, who is present to defend the interests of the City.

City of London is dominated by the Bank of England, a privately held company of the Rothschild familiy, after Nathan Rothschild overthrew the British equity markets in 1812 and took over the Bank of England. While the Queen describes the City of London Corp. as the "Company", it is known as "The CROWN" (not as a representative of the British Royal Family).

The Buckingham Palace is in London, but not in the City of London and the city is not part of England. The City of London directly and implicitly owns all majorities, councillors, regional councillors, multinational and transnational financial institutions, companies, legal entities (via Old Bailey, Temple Bar and the Royal Courts of Justice in London), the IMF, the World Bank, the Vatican Bank (via N.M.).

The European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve of the United States (privately held and under the clandestine control of eight UK-controlled stock banks), the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland (also under the control of the UK and overseeing all reserve banking worldwide, which includes our own), the European Union and the United Nations.

This crown goes back to the Vatican, which is led by the Pope (the American Express); essentially, the City of London Corp. would become the "One Earth Corporation" and own the private sphere. In 1871, Congress adopted a law that established a body known as THE UNITED STATES & Corporate Governance for the District of Columbia.

For example, the DC functions as a stock corporation under the law. Washingtons District of Columbia has 3 starlets (the 3 starlets stand for DC, Vatican City and City of London). Looking at the various treaties, the issue is whether the United States will remain a crown settlement in Britain. This is based on the first Charter of Virginia in 1606, which gave Britain the right to colonise America and give the Queen the sovereignty over colonised America and its people.

When America has been colonised with English citizens, these peoples are subordinates of the UK Government. In this treaty, however, the King of England is referred to as the Prince of the United States. Nonetheless, according to the Bouviers Law glossary in'monarchicial governments', a person is indebted constant loyalty to the king, in which case in colonised America the English persons owe the king constant loyalty.

If the United States has won a battle, should America not ask the English monarchs to relinquish territory and call themselves the prince of the Holy Roman Empire and the United States? Mr. Jay continued to conclude the 1794 Treaty between England and the United States by reiterating why, 13 years after the Paris Treaty, the United States must conclude a treaty with England if the United States is truly "independent".

If the US is a free country, why is it still paying taxes to the city? In 1794, the treaty between England and the USA was concluded and renegotiated by John Jay Esquire, who renegotiated the 1783 treaty. It is a matter of why, 13 years after the Treaty of Paris of 1783, which declared the United States to be sovereign, should the United States have to conclude treaties with England?

Any further readings of US historical events would uncover what was happening to America when it annulled the Charter of the First National Bank in 1811 and 4500 UK forces immediately thereafter came in and burned down the White House, both houses of Congress, the War Department, the US State Department and the Treasury Department and ruined the US Constitution's rating record (signed by 12 US states).

In 1812, the 1812 conflict was three years long and the Bank's Charter was restored in 1816 following the Ghent Treaty was ratified in 1815. The Federal Reserve was adopted in 1913 by the US Congress, which handed over America's bullion and bullion resources and complete economic controls to the Rothschild bankers.

There is no better moment to ask whether the United States is a company or a nation, and the US President and the civil servants of Congress work for that society and not for the United States. The US Corp. seems to be in possession of the same land that Canada, Australia and New Zealand own, all of whose rulers serve the Queen in their coronary land, and the USA was and is a coronation empire that belongs to the three city-states - City of London, Vatican City and Washington DC.

He is nothing more than a poster boy for the federal government and trans-national companies - both of which are under the control of the High Ecclesiastic Freemasonry of the City of London, home of the world' s finance system. Vatican does not belong to Italy or Rome. Vatican is the last real relic of the Roman Empire.

Rothschild-controlled Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve Bank are said to hold the Vatican's billion. Vatican funds are more than just bankers, companies or even some government and why is it that the rich are not used to raise at least the Christians' poverty when preaching about giving?

The richness of the Holy See has been built up over the ages through the taxation of Indulgences, and some Papal people have been selling entrance to Heaven. Fabian Society is such a unity, created in 1887, is a mix of Nazism, Marxism andommunism. So it should come as no wonder that the Fabian Society created communist China, Italian and German Nazism and socialism worldwide.

To what extent have the deceived the public and also explain the Fabian Society's part in the formulation of policy for the decolonised Empire? This would also mean that a number of indigenous peoples of Britain who carry the robe of leadership of the new sovereign countries would also have been members of the Fabian-Gesellschaft.

Russia's take-over by the Communists is also supposed to be the work of the British Fabian Society, which is funded by the City of London's bank family. An in-depth look at institutions such as the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Club of Rome, the 300 Committee, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Bilderberg Groups and the Federal Reserve System,

Finance Authority(s), Goldman Sachs, Israel and the Israelis, the Vatican, the City of London, Brussels, the United Nations, the Mossad and Associated Press (AP) will show that they are all part of the Fabian Society, which also monitors the European Union. That is why even the smallest of events is planned and staged by a few individuals who take charge of the whole universe and what is happening in the otherworld.

Under the name UN Agenda 21, a close look at its provisions will show how individuals must get approval for everything they do - in other words, it is used to monitor them. The Fabian Society established the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and handed over the US business to an intergovernmental financial vehicle.

The UK is subdivided into 9 different EU countries. They will be appalled that EU legislation takes priority over UK legislation, and if they have any doubt, they must ask themselves why the Queen and the Prime Minister of Britain have concluded transfer of powers agreements. The World Wilderness Congress was organised in 1987 by Rothschild's World Conservation Bank, which was founded in the same year.

It is likely that the World Board will be superseded by the World Conservation Board - the objective is to redirect domestic banking and asset to the new board, which is why the objective is to group together two or three large groups of foreign exchange into a new e-money known as the "earth dollar".

The 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil was led by Mikhail Gorbachev, the man in charge of the partition of the Soviet Union, and Maurice Strong, the representative of Rothschild in London. We are manipulating the Patriot Act, the Human Rights Act, the Constitution of the European Union, the Security and Prosperity Partnership in order to place a few in government.

The Bilderberg Group drafts its annual agendas, and its agencies operate a number of think tank companies that manage government policies financed by the bankers who really run the game. The 13 bankers who run the globe, the world's leading financial institutions that are printing cash, granting credit on interest and explaining how public indebtedness never declines.

There is a risk when it comes to foods, as controls are placed under Monsanto and GMO. John Christian's report on THE BANKSTER'S'WORLD CONSERVATION BANK' and its international electronics currencies, the'Earth Dollar', is readable.

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