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Thornbour is a commercial and community city in South Gloucestershire Province, England, about 19 km from Bristol. Thornnbury is an award-winning city with its own contest, Thornbury in Bloom. 1 ] Among the near towns are Morton and Thornbury Park. Suggestions of man-made activities in the Thornbury area date back to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, but the local Rome influence is confined to the Thornbury stronghold of 11,460 A. D. Romans from 260-348 AD, which were found during the excavation of a fish pond in 2004.

2 ] The oldest documented mention of a small hamlet in Thornbyrig is from the end of the ninth world war. In 1252 Richard de Clare, Count of Gloucester and Earl of Thornbury, conferred the right of city. and the city was growing around the place of the livestock fair. Tornbury ceased to be a district in the nineteenth centuary, but in 1974 the parochial councillor exercise his new right to appoint himself a mayor.

Thornnbury was once the terminal of a secondary line of the Midland railroad (later LMS) from Yate on the Bristol to Gloucester, with stops at Iron Acton and Tytherington. Thornbury train yard and the line were converted into a grocery store, a residential area, a ring street and a long by-pass.

Other relicts of the line can be seen in the Tytherington Quarry just west of the city. Thornnbury had a store on Main Road and in the Markthalle. The church was shut down at the end of the 90s and partially substituted by a smaller square in a parking lot near the United Reformed Church.

Turnberrie's", the older municipal center on Chantry Castle Street, continues to be actively used. Today the old indoor covered market is a clothing store. Thornnbury was gradually one of the following electoral constituencies: Thornnbury ((1885-1950) ; Stroud und Thornbury (1950-1955) ; Gloucestershire Sud (1955-1983) ; Northavon (1983-2010) ; und Thornbury und Yate (2010-heute).

MEP Luke Halle of the Conservative Party is the present Member of Parliament. Tornbury High street. The old Markthalle (now the office building), the White Lion pub and a Tudor-style building are on the lefthand side. Among the many local bars are the White Lion on Hauptstra├če, which won the Thornbury in Bloom in 2003 and the Britain in Bloom in 1999 for best publication display.

Among the dining facilities are one at Thornbury Castle, including Ronnie's of Thornbury, and the Romy's Kitchen in India, with Romy Gill as head cuisine. A number of music and theatre groups perform in Thornbury. Armstrong Hall near the city center with 350 seats and the adjoining Cossham Hall with 140 seats are the biggest event locations.

Gillstool and Grovesend Rd constitute an east connection from the center to the A38. High Street is on the outskirts of the city to the east. This plain is located at the northern end of High Street, remarkable for the central pumping station. The Midland Way and Morton Way are advanced extensions that create an approximately semicircular east border to the city and allow trucks to bypass the center.

There is a touristic information center from the city hall in the main street, from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on workdays. The most noteworthy feature of the city is its palace, a Tudor building, which was started in 1511 as a residence for Edward Stafford, the 3rd Duke of Buckingham. In 1521 Cardinal Wolsey had the Duke decapitated for betrayal, after which the palace was seized by King Henry VIII, who himself remained with Anne Boleyn for ten whole nights in 1535.

Tornbury Castle collapsed after the English Civil War, but was restored in 1824 by the Howard family. There is also the St. Mary's CEVA primarysary for its summer festivals such as harvest, Christmas and Easter. On a small isle, at the foot of High Street, the city pumps show a palm pointing to "To Gloucester".

From Gillingstool Primary School, a trail named Streamide Walk leads across several streets and footbridges, past Thornbury Hospital and Manorbrook Primary School and further on to the northern side of Thornbury, where the brook is leaving the city. A further brook flows through the northeast of Thornbury and flows into an old mill.

The' legacy trail' of the Thornbury and District Trust as a millennium-family includes the historical building of the city. Forty signposts indicate the itinerary starting from the townhall. Born in 1937, Mundy Playing Fields was given to Thornbury by Mrs. Violet Mundy. There is a children's playground and a playground.

The Thornbury Golf Club, the Thornbury Leisure Centre, the Thornbury Lawn Tennis Club and a skatepark are all close by. There is a small children's playground in the southern part of Thornbury. Around the city there are parks. Near the Gillingstool School a Thornbury communal gardens was created, but it has been shut down due to residential complex.

Next to the new parish centre, a substitute yard will be created. Tornbury RFC are playing in the South West 1 League. Although they are a Thornbury team, their grounds are situated in Rockhampton, on the edge of the city. Tornbury City FC is Thornbury's most important soccer team, offering soccer for kids from six years to old with its first team and reserves.

But in 1896 the city was playing soccer and in 1898 there was a Thornbury Townhall Golfub. In 1990 the department was founded as a private association (Thornbury Falcons). The two associations fused to form a new Thornbury City FC in 2010.

Their first team is in the Gloucestershire County Leagues, which is 11th in the British soccer world. Their first team is set in the Mundy Playin Fields, with their junior sides in various places around Thornbury. MMORPG FC is a member of the Bristol Premier Combination Premier One, which ranks 13th in the British soccer world.

Royal Thornbury FC will be playing at Oaklands Park in Almondsbury, where several teams, among them Winterbourne United and Almondsbury City, have been disbanded. Included are Filnore Woods, Armstrong and Cossham Halls and Thornbury Museum. There is a monument path with information boards on places of interest, beginning at the townhall (former policestation and district court) and now the seat of the city administration.

Thornnbury has an antique bookstore for math. Thornnbury is a partnership with Bockenem in Germany. Further colleges are St. Mary's Church of England Primary School (founded in 1839), which recently commemorated its 175-year existence with a range of spectacle activities, among them a week in Victoria, in which the kids were clothed in historical costumes and narcissus to remember this one.

Crossway's children and youth colleges, Christ the King Roman Catholic Primary Schule, Manorbrook Primary Schule, New Sibland's New Zealand Primary and the Sheiling Schule (an impartial camphill movement specialist school). The John Attwells Free College was in existence in the nineteenth centuary, a sticker about this college can be seen in a store in St. Mary's Shopping Centre.

US loyaltyist Beverley Robinson (1723-1792) passed away in Thornbury. Charles Rolph (1793-1870), who was a political figure from Canada, was borne in Thornbury. Georges (1794-1875), who was a political figure from Canada, was borne in Thornbury. Trade Cossham (1824-1890), political figure, was borne in Thornbury. E. M. Grace (1841-1911), cricket player, later joined the Thornbury Cricket Club. W. N. Hodgson (1893-1916), military writer, was borne in Thornbury.

R. W. G. Dennis (1910-2003), a mycoologist and botanist, was physically and mentally diagnosed in Thornbury and went to high schools. Britton (born 1924), acting, went to high-school. The author and children's book author Sarah Singleton (born 1966) was borne in Thornbury. Comedicist John Robins (born 1982) was raised in Thornbury. Widely-Smith (born 1984), played in the world of football, was originally from Thornbury.

Mathew Kane (born 1991), acted, used to live and grow up in Thornbury. Maco Vunipola (born 1991), playing golfugby, used to live in Thornbury and attend Castle School.

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