Located in the province of Limpopo in South Africa. Locate hotels in Thohoyandou, za. Located in a beautiful area, Thohoyandou is the centre of southern Venda and offers many fascinating tourist attractions.

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Located in the province of Limpopo in South Africa. This is the administration center of the municipality of Vhembe and Thulamela. The city is also known as the former capitol of the Bantu of Venda. In Tshiluvhi, Thohoyandou was constructed under Khosi of Netshiluvhi. The start of building work took place in 1977 with the P East and P West housing areas as a city in the form of 293, a mall and the Venda government building.

Between 1960 and 1970 they were forcibly expelled from the area by the Venda Bantustan Apartheid regime under the leadership of king Mphephu Ramabulana. Tshiluvhi comes from the Venda term "luvha", which means reverence or awe. Tshiluvhis former Venda leader constructed his castle and his ministry residence in Tshiluvhis Chief's Kral, as they were already moving by the apartment administration.

Tshiluvhi's name was completely deleted by the then administration and substituted by Thohoyandou, leaving it as the name of a elementary education. Dzanani became the capitol of the former Venda Bantustans, while Dzanani is the city of Venda and the home of the VhaVenda monarch.

Name Thohyandou means "head of the elephant" in the Venda tongue and was the name of one of the VhaVenda-king. It was founded and constructed in the lat 1970' in a large part of the city. Founded by Patrick Ramaano Mphephu, the Prime Minister of the Venda Bantustan.

Venda became the capitol of Venda when Venda was proclaimed a Repulic in 1979, and Thohovhele Mphephu became President of the Rep. of Venda at ┬┤Mphephu It became the center and business center of the city. One of the stadiums was constructed in Thohoyandou to commemorate the Venda independent and was known as the Venda Independent stage.

Its name was change to Thohoyandou Stadium in 1994. Today Thohoyandou is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in Limpopo. The University of Venda is also located here. Netshiluvhis Krapal was the second to come from Tshiluvhi to the east of Netshiluvhihi.

Named Netshivhumbe, they are still the object of Khosi Netshiluvhi. Vhanyai Vhasamvuni also came to Tshiluvhi to settle there. Miluwani's first inhabitants were Murei' Ndue and these were from Malamangwa and moved to Miluwani, the Mureis were the wavers of Venda cages ('mifaro') and Venda bowls ('tselo') of a Muluwa plant.

You came to Khosi Netshiluvhi and asked for accommodation. Magidis and Netshiluvhis are brother bloody because in early 1800 Khosi Nedzamba Mudau Netshiluvhi built another Kral in a place he nicknamed Tshilungoma, because it was a hill like a Tshavhangona Tshiulu tshhangoma in the place of Tshavhangona and here the Magidi lineage was borne.

Coming from Mount Rida to Tshiluvhi, he was given a place to house his hosts, his whole household between Tshivhumbe and Miluwani, and as a powerful witch doctor he was recognised and appreciated by all, young and old, as well as established guides. Now all these towns are under the Thohoyandou and Sibasa cities, and they were all under the responsibility of Kim Netshiluvhi.

The Vhanyai of Tshiguguvhale were the last to reach Tshiluvhi, and they were assigned a palace where the Thohoyandou is located, they were said to press themselves together between Muudi and Lukunde Rivers (u guguvhala) because there was no other empty room and the area was named Tshiguguvhale. Located in the southern part of Vhembe, on the major Louis Trichardt highway to Kruger National Park.

It is the luxuriant farming center of Vhembe with Bananas, sub-tropical fruits, tobaccos and corn. The city is encircled by small country communities such as Maungani, Ngovhela, Vondwe, Phiphidi, Muledane, Shayandima, Makwarela and Maniini. Thulamela is the most important hub of the municipality of Thohoyandou with a population of 70,000 within the city limits.

Thohoyandou's CBD was initially conceived as a great place with large pavements and jets of fresh air, as well as flower and grass. There' s a large shopping centre "Thavhani Mall" which is currently being constructed in Thohoyandou. Further cities besides Thohoyandou are Sibasa, 8 km; Dzanani, 45 km; Malamulele, 45 km; Makhado, 85; Musina, 139 km; and Polokwane, 188 km.

Venda Univeristy is a southafrican institution with its seat in Thohoyandou in the Limpopo County. Founded in 1982 under the then Venda Republic administration. Venda Univ. has a major campsite in Thohoyandou. Nine of the eleven formal residencies on the major campsite are Bernard Ncube, Carousel, F3, F4, F5, F4, F5, Lost City Boys, Los City Girls, Mango Groove, Riverside and Prefab.

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