Thithtoolwin News in Myanmar

Tithhtoolwin News in Myanmar

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In Mandalay violent break out.

Deaths from Buddhist Moslem brutality in Mandalay now stand at two, with 13 wounded since tension broke out on 1 July, 13 wounded since tension broke out on 1 July The Myanmar Times and AFP acknowledged to the riot squad on the early hours of 3 July that two men - a Buddhist and a Moslem - had been dead.

The 51-year-old bike dealer and employee of inter-religious activist U Soe Min was assaulted on the mornings of July 3 when he went to the South Oe Bo Mock. According to reports, he was hit by a bully and later dying of his wounds, with images of his wounded corpse quickly spread to the masses.

We expect the cops to turn to the news this afternoons. and the 36-year-old Buddha who was murdered was U Tun Tun Tun Tun, a voluntary rider of the Free Funeral Service Organization. Allegedly he and a mate were assaulted at 12:00 a.m. when they were pulled over on their bikes by a group of Moslem men a few hour before U Soe Min was murdered.

Burials for the two men took place on 3 July Tension had broken out in Mandalay after claims that two Moslem tea shop proprietors had been raping a Buddhist girls began to go live on 30 June, the tale being published in the famous news blogs Thit Htoo Lwin. New Light of Myanmar Confederation on July 3 affirmed that Sun Tashop proprietor Nay Win was charged under section 376 of the Criminal Code, the Rapture Pier.

The night of July 1, the hooligans assembled near Sun Teashop on the edge of 27 and 82 St. in downtown Mandalay around 7 pm. The New Light of Myanmar reports that when the government agencies were moving the crowd, it was moving several units in which it smashed the windshields of three vehicles and introduced brick and bottle at home.

Until early Wednesday mornings, about 450 hooligans equipped with poles and knifes had assembled despite the heightened safety level. The Mandalay Division Chief Policy Zaw Win Aung was cited in The New Light when he said that the agencies are taking force: "We need to take steps against the violence: We will do our best to avoid such incidents recurring and we will employ more policemen until order is restored," he said.

An explanation from President's Office Manager U Zaw Htay's Facebook page (account name "Hmuu Zaw") on Wednesday evening said that the agencies tried to curb violence and insisted on prudence in disseminating insurgent rumors: The Myanmar P.D. is keeping a close watch on the group and taking the necessary steps to dispel them. Contribute to improving the situa-tion by working with the cops and not giving out rumors."

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