Thiri Hpa an Hotel Address

Hpa Thiri and hotel address

Check prices and find the best deal for Thiri Hpa An Hotel. The Thiri Hpa A Hotel Book / Directions: Locate and book accommodation in Myanmar like Thiri Hpa An Hotel. Make a reservation now and check your stay to make a difference! Township to Hpa, Hpa To Map.

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The Thiri Hpa An Hotel is located in Hpa-an and has a gym, a yard and a lounge area. There is an open-air bath, a complimentary WiFi and a courier shuttle bus for you. The hotel's rooms are equipped with a sitting area, a TV with satellites and a free toilet and showers in the bath.

The Thiri Hpa An Hotel has got AC and a writing table. At Thiri Hpa An Hotel you can enjoy billiard, bicycle and rental cars. The room has A/C, tea/coffee machine and sitting area. The room is equipped with A/C, tea/coffee machine and sitting area.

There is a sitting area, Sat-TV and mini bar in this room. The room is equipped with A/C, tea/coffee machine and sitting area. Once booked, all hotel information, such as phone and e-mail address, will be included in the on-line reservation acknowledgement and confirmatory e-mail. Childrens under 6 years pay $20 per day for additional bed.

For all other older kids or grown-ups, we charge $20 per person per night for additional bed. We are more than just a hotel; find many more accommodations.

Grandpa An Thiri Grandpa-An Hotel in Myanmar, Asia

The Hpa-An Hotel is a favourite option for travellers in Hpa An, whether they are discovering or just transit. With a full listing of comforts, visitors will find their sojourn on the estate a convenient one. The hotel offers 24-hour room services, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour reception, baggage deposit, Wi-Fi in all areas of the hotel.

The guest rooms are equipped with all the conveniences you need for a good night's rest. Some rooms have a wardrobe, free teas, hand towels, coat racks and sneakers. Entrance to the hotel's gym, swimming pools (children) and gardens will make your visit even more enjoyable. An inviting ambience and outstanding services await you during your visit to the Thiri Hpa-An Hotel.

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