Thingyan Photos Myanmar

The Thingyan Photos Myanmar

Picture from the Thingyan Water Festival in Myanmar. The Thingyan, Myanmar traditional New Year. The Thingyan[ Burmese New Year] --- Photo of Myanmartourism. Receive Thingyan images and royalty-free images from iStock. The Thingyan Water Festival stock photo.

It' the most epic water fight in the world.

GREETINGS TO THE WORLD' S MOST AWESOME AQUATIC BATTLE! Do you think you've had some kind of awesome aquatic battle before? Only after you have seen the Thingyan Waters Festival in Myanmar. As you swing to the greatest ceremony in Myanmar, you'll be trumped by luck, smile and an endless H20 devastation provided by dual cannons led by smiling kids.

Slaughter may be a miserable term when you consider the origin and purposes of Thingyan, but it's all so much more enjoyable. HARRY: WHAT'S THAT? Thingyan is the New Year in Myanmar, and what follows is as nice as it is disarray. Contrary to our (Western) New Year festivities, which take place on January 1st, the Myanmar Thingyan festival starts around March 13 and varies one or two days per year, depending on Burma lunar cycling.

To wash away last year's sin and start the New Year with a clear mind, everyone pours icy waters over themselves in pails or is blown up in the face by cannons from all directions. They run amuck, coated with thinaka, the creamy cream putty you see on sunscreen faces with amber padauck blossoms in your snout. They are blessing everyone and every possession with fragrant peppermint stains.

Oh, and there are of course the fire engines and guys with heavy-duty tubing looking for naive-travellers. The Thingyan is not only a place for aquatic fights, dance and dance (although this is a big part), but one of the greatest Buddhistic ceremonies founded on the formation of the Ganesha deity. On the first evening of Thingyan, the Myanmar population is expected to obey a series of 8 regulations while visiting many monasteries and blessing priests during thefest.

If a whole nation takes part in a celebration (it is a feast or not), it means that ten thousand citizens take to the street or travel within that one. Thingyan, I should know after I've seen it firsthand.

There was no pre-planning when I went to Myanmar with some of my best mates. Although we had reserved a bed in a Yangon Youth Hostel, the hotel was crowded and they stayed either in another room or without accommodation. When Yangon is the first stop, it is a must that you reserve your lodging in advance, as most of the places were full.

Others like Mandalay, an epicentre of Thingyan festivities and rides like the U Bein Bridge, must also be reserved in advance. It is almost not possible to buy coach and rail travel on line, and I cannot tell from my own experiences whether certain websites that sell on line ticketing are reliable.

Simultaneously, when our group reached Yangon, all the backpackers we encountered at the inn were sitting in complete desperation. The groups returned after looking for Yangon buses for hour after hour, and complained that everyone was stranded there and no transportation was available. Wherever you go, it will spray for the 3-5th day of Thingyan (and sometimes a little later).

They even threw pails of pail to Hsipaw through the window of the rail. Don't get angry, it's all just a joke and it's their party you're taking part in. It' simple to be trapped in Thingyan mess from dawn to dusk. Whenever you stop for dinner, you' re drinking a glass of bottled swill.

Drinking bottled swill every few hour will do you good. When I was admitted to hospital during Songkran in Thailand because I became ill from the waters, it is very important to shelter. There is a high level of disease hazard with waters from all springs, watercourses and brooks, channels and inlets.

Always use at least one pair of shades or protective glasses to keep your eye protection and always spill whatever splashes into your mouth. 2. Popping some disintegrating multi-vitamin strength into your flasks to strengthen your immunity system. The Thingyan is a one-of-a-kind event about a nice cultural and practical life. Myanmar's inhabitants are among the most marvelous and open-minded I' ve known.

And if you get lucky, you can just be asked on in front of the crowd, just as we do in Myanmar, dancing and jamming in front of tens of thousand spectators, ringing in their New Year. YOU WANT TO PART IN THINGING?

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