Thingyan Myanmar 2016

Myanmar Thingyan 2016

From San Yamin Aung, April 19, 2016. thangyan 2016 March 30, 2016. Thinkangyan means "transition", a term from the Sanskrit word Thinkanta or Sinkanta. The Thingyan is a holiday in Myanmar on April 13. So, April 12, 2015, Maha Thingyan (Water Festival), holiday.

Thingyane mortality will be doubled in 2016

According to Myanmar police, the number of fatalities during Burma's five-day waterslide, Thingyan, has more than doubled year-on-year. The RANGOON - The number of fatalities during Burma's five-day waterslide, Thingyan, has more than doubled since last year, according to Myanmar police. Monday's Monday proclamation states that a whopping 35 killed and a further 316 were wounded between April 12 and 16 as billions of Burmese New Year' s Eve were greeted with frenzied road festivals, rituals and casts.

In the past year, 16 persons were killed and 356 others were wounded by road crashes and crime during the Thingyan celebrations. In 2016, fourteen of the fatalities recorded were due to road accident, while three were fatal. There were 18 other fatalities during the holidays due to various other undisclosed causes.

Out of 235 casualties in road crashes, 73 were regarded as seriously wounded.

The Myanmar Times | Thingyan: explains

Thinkangyan means "transition", a Sanskrit concept called Thinkanta or Sinkanta. The New Year begins in Myanmar and is held on three occasions, with an additional date if it is a New Year. The Thingyan is a period when humans are cheerful, unfortunately sometimes too much.

Apart from the worship and culture of this yearly event, which is becoming more and more of a touristic event, the activity includes pandal celebrations, thangyats - a satire singing that tends to be about everything in Myanmar - float, dance, music and spoiling yourself with seasonsal foods and beers. Happiness ends on New Year's Day when men begin to do various good things to make a living.

Thingyan' has its origins in its own convictions, both spiritually and culturally. Prior to the Theravada Buddhism spreading under King Anawratha in Myanmar in the eleventh centuries, there was Hinduism and culture, with astronomy being a central upbringing. The Myanmar Translation Society encyclopaedia says the Hindus believe that the motion of the star and the sky can be used to predict incidents such as the climate, political and economic conditions.

In the Bagan period around the tenth millennium, the kingdom began using the thingyantav cor in order to cleans and sanitize body, mind and soul for the New Year. The Myanmar Traditional Thingyan, issued by the Ministry of Information, has identified some proven ways for correct regal flushing for those interested in doing the same.

This kind of practise requires a mixture of molten snows, coir waters and waters from various springs, such as wells, ponds, rivers and mountains, as well as waters with jewelled socks and even waters from neighboring states. It says that tossing waters has been the sole preserve of kings for hundreds of years. So, how did the splash usage affect the crowds?

There is a tale of the Kings' ministers getting soaked as they collected waters from the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin River and from an islet in the Gulf of Martaban near Mawlamyaing. Then they began to splash each other with the sacred waters that were later used to clean the princely family.

As the New Year is falling during the hotter months of the year, it does not take much to grasp the water-spattering ceremony that is unfolding on the common men outside the Palast, as apparently happened during the Konbaung dictatorship around 1800. However, all Thingyan and New Year's Day activity should be done with loving kindness and good will, especially to end the past year and begin a new one.

Splash is not only cooling and refreshing during the heat of the day, it also purifies the mental ills of the past year. For example, rakine perform their spraying rites from long ships full of seawater and placed on shore, while the humans in Kengtung party with different beats. Wherever it happens, splashes and good actions are the strings in common, because Thinyan lights up all of Myanmar.

Thingyan and have a particular and marvelous 1378.

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