Things to see in Yangon Myanmar

Sights in Yangon Myanmar

Many cities leave lasting impressions. We were very impressed by Yangon (Rangoon). Explore the varied and historic city of Yangon while visiting the glittering pagodas, strolling through the colourful local markets and enjoying a traditional Burmese lunch. Favourite activities and nightlife, bars and clubs in Yangon, Myanmar. An extensive travel guide to Myanmar, a country that is rapidly gaining popularity with backpackers in Southeast Asia (for good reason!


The best sights in Yangon, Myanmar

The hum around Myanmar is, well, humming with the growing number of trips and outings. After 50 years of reigning over the army, the land has recently opened up to the outside worlds, and if you want to take a look at how rough and underdeveloped it is, the case has come to do so.

There is no better place to travel than the largest town in the land - Yangon. This is also where two different cultures collide - old, culturally-soaked Burma and westernized, contemporary Myanmar. No doubt Shwedagon Pagoda. Myanmar has the most important and most frequented place of worship in the world.

In fact, they say if you haven't seen this place, you haven't been to Yangon. Breathtaking gold bell-shaped stupas rise above the town. Continue on a buddhistic tendency - the religious one for most of the people - and see Yangon's most beautiful Buddha picture at Ngahtatgyi Paya.

Next you attend the Kalaywa Monastery during your morning meal. The Yangon City Hall, the Minister's Building and Strand Hotel, constructed by the Sarkies-Brothers and known for Raffles Singapore. For something more genuine, go to the Thiri Mingalar Market outside Yangon city centre, where you can apply a thinaka (a terracotta grinded thai beauty).

DO YOU HAVE A MONITOR IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING MUSEES? With its 14 rooms, the N MSN provides the visitor with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Burma's cultural and historical heritage with antique works of artwork, works of artwork and historical mementos. Peruvian artist Perusse shows the country lifestyle, transport, nationhood and development of Buddhism, marvels at classic and modern works of artwork and takes a moment to admire the outstanding part of the Simhasana curtain, an impressive Simhasana enthroned with precious stones, which was the last of Myanmar's kings.

Whilst Myanmar cooking does not have the glory or panache of neighboring Thailand, you can seriously get good food if you know where to look. Begin your Yangonite days with a steamy cup of Mahinga. Pit at Myaung Mya Cho near Shwedagon, known for its favorites.

Under the guidance of Marc Shortt, who was brought up in the UK by a Myanmar native and has since been back to his native country, the three-hour hikes include all the important cuisines. An insight into the city' s cultural life and intensive training in one? Myanmarmarmartial arts by Leo - similar to muai tai fighting in Thailand - offer both.

You' ll be sweating buckets full of sweats, learning how to shoot a blow and at the same a unique way to make Burma. A cycling tour with Uncharted Horizons Myanmar should be on your charts if you seriously want to get off the path and look beyond the attractions of the travel guides. For those who want to get in touch with the locals and see the true Yangon, the verrucas and everything else, you' ll be leaving the town and crossing the river on small vessels to Seikkyi Kanaungto Isle.

" People in Burmese come out of their houses to say hello, stretch out their hands to high-five or just give a bright dimple. You will gain a fascinating insight into everyday locality. Drive through the Dala Valleys, where Uncharted Horizons are supporting the community outfit.

With four pubs, three diners and one of the largest open-air swimming baths in the town, many of the rooms also have a view of the Shwedagon Pagoda. The Le Cellier Wine Bar & Restaurant on the fourteenth storey has a beautiful roof terrace from which you can enjoy a magnificent panorama view over the town, while being content with delicious traditional dishes such as goose liver and steak tartar.

what is the best moment for a visitor other than the singing sommers? Yangon doesn't get chilly, but when it gets really chilly, it gets really chilly. The rainy period between July and August is another low seasons, with heavy rains due to the southerly location on the coast of Yangon.

The" winters " from November to February are the best season for a stay in a relatively cold and arid clima. There are several carriers flying from Australia to Yangon on one connection ticket.

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