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Sights in Yangon

Have a look at our ultimate list of recommendations on what you can see and do. To find out what you can do and see in Yangon, read this list. Those were things I was going to. Rangoon, formerly Yangon, is the capital of Burma's Myanmar region. Go on a trip to a bizarre drug museum in Yangon.

Activities in Yangon: Ultimate Listing

Previously known as Rangoon, Yangon is gradually developing into a bustling metropolis, still showing the remains of its people. Famous for a diverse mixture of imposing couples, distinctive colorful monasteries, disintegrating old roads and the ascent of contemporary architecture, Yangon is a place to visit in Myanmar.

Whilst my general principle is just to begin to explore a place and see what's out there, here are some of our best tips for the best things in Yangon. As soon as you arrive in Yangon, you will sense the pulsating power of the towns pulsating with adrenaline.

Whilst it looks like mayhem to some, this town is lively and busy, especially when you go for a stroll in the market and in town. Just get a card from your local hotels or hostels or join one of the free walks in Yangon. For those who have been following this site for a while now, knows how much I have been hiking touring (!) It gives you a great survey of where you are plus the leaders are usually the perfect one to ask regarding the best places to dine.

Catch your filling of your favorite Yangon meal, as there are hawkers almost everywhere in Yangon. Skip from one provider to another and try the typical Myanmar cuisine, which is mainly a mixture of India, China and Thailand. Now to drink....there are lots of teashops all over Yangon!

To sit on a small sofa and watch the whole wide open sky pass by is a great way to enjoy a few moments in the bustling town. Yangon's roads are bordered by teahouses with small wooden seats and desks along the road. In fact, they even blend it with their lettuce!

Although the meal is not as much loved as South East Asia, the flavours are abundant and definitely something to try. And if you are not sure what to order, look at the above links for information on the best regional meals to try. Shwedagon Pagoda is clearly one of the most important places of worship in Myanmar.

It is an imposing 2,500-year-old 140-foot long marble tower decked with 100 sheets of gild. The home of Buddha's Hairs and other important relicts, a trip here is a MUST if you are in Yangon. Yangon's inhabitants use the pagoda's gilded chedis as a glowing icon, which can be seen from all parts of the town.

It is best to arrive in the evening just before sunset, so you can see the skies changing to a series of oranges. Whilst the thought of getting bogged down from store to store is my partners worse dream, Tom, it is my favourite thing to do!

Though I don't really buy anything, I like to walk around the locals' market to see all the different pieces of jewellery they are selling. The Bogyoke Aung San Market is the most visited market, but other market places like Theingyi Zay and Thiri Mingalar Market are also interesting. Circular Train is a 39 stop public transport system that allows you to see and enjoy the city.

Whilst the thought of spending 3h on a shaky old move doesn't seem attractive, believe me, this is one of the best things you can do in Yangon. It was simply fun to watch the local people getting on and off the trains, how they organise their everyday life and transport large sacks of products and vegetable.

Between stations you also had sellers boarding the trains and a lot of things like warm teas, savoury lettuces, living chicken.... They call it, they will most likely do it. And if you want to share this whole thing with someone who can explain the special features of the place, you can also make use of firms like Flymya, which offers led trips along the railway tracks and through the regional market along the bus-stop.

With Myanmar open to the outside worlds, community performers are emerging to share their talent and showcase their contemporary arts showing the fighting and unrest of the Myanmar population. In all honesty, I was very amazed by the swarming Yangon artscene. Featuring a good number of trendy galeries to try out, hike and explore different artist and their work is a great way to see another side of Yangon.

Below are some of our gallery's that are well deserved a visit. When you are looking for a vibrant area of Yangon, China Town is the place to go. Here you will find everything from shellfish, barbecued meats, street restaurants and roasted beetles (fried cockroaches??) While the general cleanness of the place is dubious, it is still rewarding to wander around in the stirs.

It is not only a sacred but also a historic icon, as it was used as a rendezvous point for anti-government outcry. To appreciate everything Myanmar has been through, it is worthwhile to learn about its historic past. Whilst the Sule pit isn't as conspicuous as the Shwedagon pit, on a walk through the area you will see a large obelisks, which is Yangon's Independent Monument.

Again, I could always talk about Yangon, but the reality is that the best things you can do are almost never in travel guides and items (ironically huh?) Instead, go out, make a friend with a native and let them show you the best places, places and attractions!

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