Things to see in Mandalay Myanmar

Sights in Mandalay Myanmar

On the Mingun Pagoda again. The clouds at the Hsinbyume Pagoda. Morning walk through the Zay Cho Market. Learn about the sights in Mandalay. Still a fascinating city, Mandalay has many places to rediscover the enchanting atmosphere of ancient Burma.

Activities in Mandalay & Mandalay Full Guide

Are you going to Myanmar? The majority of visitors do not know how much to do in Mandalay and that they should stay at least 2 overnight stays in Mandalay. Our last journey to Myanmar was a one-way from Chiang Mai to Mandalay and we stayed 2 overnight in Mandalay before travelling to Bagan.

In Mandalay we didn't really look forward to much, but we were delighted and pleased that we have added Mandalay to our route. We have compiled this Mandalay tour book and a Mandalay activities schedule to help you organize your journey. Prior to traveling to Myanmar, please review the immigration requirements for your country.

We' re US nationals and had to get a Myanmar visas before we travel. Myanmar eVisa was requested on-line and we received approval within 3 working day. Mandalay has properties for every price. For those who are on their honeymoons in Myanmar, there are some beautiful romantics. A Mandalay Resort, situated directly in the town and near a restaurant, is recommended.

Luxurious Mandalay $100+ Mandalay Hill 5 stars residence near the ditch. $50-$100 Midrange Mandalay The Link 78 Mandalay Boutique 4 stars hotels in the centre of Mandalay with contemporary rooms. Overnight at the A1 for $31 a day and had everything we needed.

Situated within easy walk of the best places to eat in Mandalay. We' ve only been in our room 7 hrs a night because we've been so occupied researching all the things in Mandalay. There are ATMs throughout the town.

Mandalay International has 3 working ATMs, where we have withdrawn cash. We also had an ATM directly opposite our guesthouse, the A1s. There have been no ATMs in recent years and Myanmar's tourist population has had to change US$ and moneys. When you stay at the Mandalay Grand Hotels, most places are within walking distance.

From our motel we had a cab called for supper and the cabbie was waiting outside for 2hrs. From Mandalay to Bagan by ferry, organise your cab the evening before. It is recommended that you make your reservation here or hire a $69 personal chauffeur to take you from Mandalay to Bagan on Viator.

Tourists can hire motorcycles or bikes in Mandalay, but we do not recommend it, as the road is so messy. So we rented a personal chauffeur for an entire afternoon where we did everything we wanted to do in Mandalay. Below for our drivers see below for our personal drivers and rates.

Mandalay has a large selection of dining options to suit all tastes. Initially we asked our hotels for restauration advice and some Myanmar style places were suggested. As we know this has the capacity for contaminating foods, we have chosen a higher quality, made-to-order meal. During our stay in Mandalay we had dinner in the following places and would be recommending them all.

It' s a good idea to spend a few more bucks on a lunch in Myanmar, nobody wants to get ill on holiday. In Mandalay we drove to Bagan and then to Inle Lake. We have compiled the following travel guide on how to get from Mandalay to other Myanmar locations. andalay is a great place to start or end when you travel to Myanmar.

There are several multinational airports. Mandalay Airports taxi services are inexpensive and have a fixed fare from the Mandalay Airports to Mandalay Airports. We' just called them our name of the A1 and they knew it. It was an hour's ride from the nearest airfield, 40 kilometres outside the town.

When you don't have a foreign exchange, you can buy the Mandalay Airportaxi in US dollars, it costs $10 for a personal cab, but we have decided to use Kyat. Please note that if UAVs are not permitted in Myanmar, they will be seized at the Myanmar International Airports, but will be brought back when you depart (when you depart from the same airport).

When travelling with a UAV as we do, you may want to look for places to put your UAV before travelling to Myanmar. In Mandalay we rented a personal chauffeur for the whole afternoon to take us to all the activities below in Mandalay. Begin your days with an exploration of all the things you can do in Mandalay - light and early at the U Leg Bridge for sundown.

Mandalay Island has an activity schedule for every visitor, so please come early in the mornings. At dawn at U Bein Bridget there were maybe 15 other visitors, but when you come to U Bein Bridget for sundown, there will be 100 people.

In case you don't make it to dawn, we recommend that you book this personal bow-leg bridging trip so you can observe the Mandalay sights. It is recommended that you book your own personal driving here for only $61 for 10 lessons so you do not have to deal with taxis in Mandalay.

One of our drivers took us to Mingun Pahtodawgyi and all Mandalay rides in this part. This pagoda is situated on the Sagaing Hills, from where you have a wonderful panoramic look at Mandalay and the swamp. Inwa or Ava, as it was formerly called, Myanmar's most renowned ancient town. It was never reconstructed and the king chose to build a new castle and move the administration to Amarapura.

The Inwa is a top tourist destination in Mandalay, where you can still see the remnants of the town. The Mandalay-Palast, the main icon of Mandalay, will not be missed. Mandalay-Palast is in the centre of the ditch in the centre of Mandalay. Mandalay Palast (Mya Nan San Kyaw Palace) was the kingly residence of the last two monarchs of the Myanmar Empire, erected in 1857.

After the conquest of the King's house in 1885, the castle was no longer a king's home. Parts of the building were demolished during the Second World War and a rebuilding of the building was erected in the 1990s. When you stay in a Mandalay centrally located motel, you can probably take a stroll or a cab here.

In 1857, the entry to Mandalay Palace was reconstructed in the 19 th floor, where the king actually was. It' s a good idea to stop by the marina as there are some of the other things on our Mandalay itinerary. Drive to the top of Mandalay Hill and enjoy an unforgettable panorama of Mandalay.

It is strongly recommended that you stay for sundown. Alternatively, you can take a cab up the steps to the top of Mandalay Mountain, where there is an automatic staircase to the top of the page. On top of the mound is the Sutaungpyei pit. We have several tour operators offering the best things to do in Mandalay in one of them.

In Mandalay, if you are planning to stay only two days, we strongly recommend that you make a reservation in advanced so that you do not have to make a reservation for a Mandalay visit on your only free outing. We' ve decided to employ a personal rider for the whole trip to make our own trip and do everything in Mandalay.

I found our rider Ko Fatty by Googleing the best rider in Mandalay, which put me on his Facebook page. At 5:45 am he collected us for the U Bein Bridge at dawn and left us at 6 pm after we had watched the Mandalay Palace sundown.

Hopefully we have persuaded you to stay a few days in Mandalay and that there is a great deal to do in Mandalay.

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