Things to see in Burma

Sights in Burma

Discover the best places and attractions in Myanmar to visit. Taw Gyaint Waterfall, Burma. Which are the main attractions in Myanmar? An exhaustive list of activities in Yangon, Burma Myanmar. Contains all important sights and activities in and around Yangon.

Mandalay's Top 10 Best Sights

Bikes are very much liked in Mandalay and the costs are very low. Mandalay has many interesting sights to see by bicycle, the urban transport is very favorable. You will also find many interesting things that are even more precious than a trip to a place that is well known. Biking in Mandalay, Myanmar.

One of the most striking things about tourists coming to Myanmar is the use of golden, which is not only used to decorate the Buddha outside the church, but also for many of Myanmar's wealthiest homes, which are often covered with gilt or upholstered. Burmese also don't often pay the banks, they often buy bullion to make sacrifices for the sanctuary instead.

Therefore, it is easier to see why the Myanmar goldsmithing with such a develop. The King Galon is one of the most renowned and oldest goldsmithes in Mandalay. If you are here, you will start the making proces of your bullion, the folks in King Galloons are very lucky and thrilled, so you might want to get the folks to try pounding on the rough bullion below, but keep in mind it is not just work.

Mandalay, Myanmar. The town of Mandalay has many of the old crafts, but most of all when it comes to stonework. Sagaing can be visited to see the sculptureshops. Craftsmen in the Myanmar sculptor's workshop. After the Shwedagon in Yangon, Maha Muni is the second most sacred in Mandalay.

You' ll be very struck by the big golden Buddha sculptures with a height of 4 metres, especially in areas where only men are allowed to enter, all ladies are only allowed to see the sculpture from the outside. The Maha Muni Pagoda. Biking and hiking around Mandalay, it will be a good moment to take a break and unwind in Shwenandaw, a renowned convent made entirely of tea wood.

It' a very interesting adventure to see the architectonic sculptures of the convent outside in the rain. In the convent of Shwenandaw. An awesome night at Shwenandaw Abbey, Mandalay. To stop constantly to eat the tasty Mandalay road meal is something amazing. Myanmar's best thing after a meal is a jug of cider.

Mandalay's delicious gastronomy will never let you get forgotten during your journey. Savour the dining routes of Mandalay. For a while Amarapura was the capitol of Myanmar. Today, this old capitol is best known for its silks, Maha Gandhayon Convent, Kyaung and U Bein - the longest teenak footbridge in the word.

If you want to watch the sun set on the U Bein Bridge, you should come to this place in the afternoons. Maha Gandhayon Kyaung Abbey is a great place to relax. At about 10 am every morning, many young friars queue up at Maha Gandhayon Kyaung Abbey to implore almonds.

Sayaing is the outskirts of Mandalay, to get to this place you have to go through the Ayeyarwady River. The Special Saying is known for its mounds known as Saying Hill - one of the most important Buddhist centers in Myanmar, with over 600 convents and 6,000 convents and cloisters.

Gorgeous countryside in Sagaing Hill. Inwa is one of the three oldest towns in Myanmar, along with Amarapura and Sagaing. As most other antique Myanmar towns, you will be drawn to the magnificent temples with its magnificent architectural and scenic beauty. The everyday lives of the population of Inwa. Panoramic view of Inwa, Mandalay.

From Mandalay to Mingun it is about 11 km. The majority of people come to Mandalay because it has many important Myanmar remains, especially the remains of Mingun Pahtodawgyi - a ruined sanctuary of scarlet bricks which, when finished, would be the biggest buddhistic building in the whole wide globe with the anticipated 150m high.

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