Things to see in Burma

Sights in Burma

Sights in Myanmar. Discover the best places and attractions in Myanmar to visit. Taw Gyaint Waterfall, Burma. Which are the main attractions in Myanmar? Are you planning a trip to Myanmar and wondering which sights you should not miss?

Myanmar's Top 20 Sights

There is no more sacred place for Myanmar Buddhists than the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Myanmar has one of the most breathtaking Buddhas in Myanmar, the Chaukhtatgyi Buddha, which is located in an open metallurgical hut in Yangon. Dry Bagan Plains are dotted with more than 2500 buddhistic memorials and a hot-air ballooning is a great way to see them.

Inle Lake anglers are known for their pronounced "leg growth" techniques. While the number of foreign attendees has risen from 790,000 in 2010 to over 3 million last year, Myanmar is undergoing rapid change. Myanmar's cruise period usually lasts from August to April and avoids the mid-year rainy period. Inle Lake in east Shan State.

This picturesque flat water reservoir, 900 meters above sealevel, is renowned for its above-water stilted cottages and swimming kitchen garden, which are impaled on the seabed with canes. Sleep in one of the coastal hotel s- Novotel Inle Shore-Myat Min has a villa over the water.

More than 2500 Buddhist relics from the tenth centuries dot the dry Bagan Plains. In Bagan there were still a thousand other churches and palagodas before a disastrous seismic event erupted in 1975. Browse Bagan's temple and the pagoda at your own speed?

The Ananda Temple with its breathtaking towers is one of the highpoints. Enjoy a beautiful sundown from the Shwesandaw Cave. There is no more sacred place for Myanmar Buddhists than the Shwedagon pit in Yangon. It is lit at nocturnal - the gilded light is seen from large parts of the town. In Myanmar, if you are learning only one term, it should be "mingalaba" (there are several ways to spelt it).

Burmese are a very sociable and welcoming group. He claimed to have "Myanmar's most marvelous winery " - with a listing of $US13,000 ($19,600) magnums from 1961 Petrus. No wonder Hillary Clinton was at the Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon when she was visiting as US Secretary of State in 2012.

Dive into the spectacular palm-fringed outdoor pools and use the morning snack bar to taste Myanmar's specialities. Unfortunately, the busy town Mandalay does not quite do justice to the romanticism of its name. The Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel offers an enchanting view: rooms at the back look over the Swimmingpool towards Mandalay Hill with TEMPEL.

The Kuthodaw inscription shrines are located at the bottom of Mandalay Hill - 729 flagstones with all Buddhist writings. Walk over the U Bein Bridging near Mandalay - the oldest and longest wooden deck in the game. Although there are now cash machines in Myanmar's main gateways towns, you' ll still have a stock of crunchy, freshmen.

When purchasing a souvenir there is a little negotiation (especially the Bagan dealers quote high start prices). To make an authentically souvenir, take a pair of eye-catching Longyis - the sarong-like gown used by both men and woman. Myanmar's most breathtaking Buddha is the Chaukhtatgyi Buddha, which is located in an open metallurgical hut in Yangon.

For example, every night in the Shwedagon Pagoda, a series of broom-armed trailers sweep up the large patio of marmor.

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