Things to do in Yangon Burma

Activities in Yangon Burma

Locate the best activities near Thingyan Water Festival, Burma, Yangon (Rangoon). Explore our top attractions and find out what you can do in Yangon! The Myanmar male national team will play against Kyrgyzstan in the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers. This article provides useful tips and recommendations on what to do in the former capital of Myanmar: Burma, also known as Burma, is being observed as an undiscovered destination.

The 10 best things to do for free in Yangon

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is a busy metropolis in Myanmar (Burma). Formerly the former capitol, today it is an important business centre and one of the major gates for Myanmarers. As in other South East Asia it is not costly to drive around Yangon. For your first help, here are the best free things you can do in Yangon!

In Yangon, you can see English, Hindi and Mandarin influence alongside Burma civilization and local architectural styles. This deadlocked town can be a shocking experience for people. However, you need not be concerned, as the people of Burma are still kind and hospitable towards international people. The 10 best free activities in Yangon:

A walk through a town is certainly a good way to see it. Of the side roads over the architechture up to the odours and the observation of the people. It' certainly an adventure that demands all the sentiments. A hike through Yangon's inner cities is best done in the morning to prevent the damp temperatures as much as possible.

Cards are available free of charge at the airports and in our youth lodgings to help you find your way around the town. We recommend that you depart near the Sule Pagoda, which is located in the centre of the town. In the middle of the lively roads you will be astonished by the old houses of the Colonies, the Market, Chinatown and Little India. This gives you a different feeling than in other Asiatic lands.

When you don't want to do it yourself, you can register for the Free Yangon Walks. You' ll learn the Yangon story while being led by aliens in town. You will learn more about the town than in travel guides.

Discover the countless things Myanmar has to offer: art, cuisine, clothes, antiquities, jewellery and craft. If you have seen the lying Buddha in Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand, you should not miss Yangon's huge lying Buddha. Kill two flies with one blow by crossing the road to get to the Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda.

Yangon's biggest water reservoir is a favourite place to relax from the urban mayhem. Born out of decade-long isolations, the Myanmar tribe is one of the most friendly and friendly in Southeast Asia don't be scared to talk to the natives to practise a few words of Myanmar like Mingalaba (Hello) and Ché Zu Ba or Je zu Chin ba de.

Near important Yangon monuments such as the Sule Pagoda, the High Court and Yangon City Hall is a popular outdoor space known for its Catinaccio. In the centre is the Independent Monument, a large monument, a piece of furniture to remember their sovereignty from the British, encircled by semi lion-like mythological creatures.

A further great way to see Yangon is to participate in one of the most important festival, the Thingyan (Water Festival). Burmese New Year is commemorated (April 13, April 17) and it is thought that last year's sin and evil is purified by it.

Prepare to remain moist all morning, enjoy free meals from the local people of Burma and celebrate after sundown. Near Shwedagon Road there is another interesting gold pit stop. The Maha Wizaya is also known as the "Pagoda of Generals" because the summit was founded by a former world warlord.

Because of the closeness to Shwedagon only a few visitors come here. Don't miss to look up when you are in the pavilion and see the colourful wall paintings in the cupola. This is a quiet and well-kept graveyard run by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission it was constructed to accommodate the graves of troops who perished in Burma during the two world wars.

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