Things to do in Myanmar Yangon

Activities in Myanmar Yangon

When in Yangon, you are welcome to visit Sapel. Things to see in Yangon. Take a look at our ultimate list of recommendations on what you can see and do. In Myanmar's capital, shopping is all about markets, where you will find hundreds of stalls and a variety of shops. You will find these exciting things to do and enjoy your escapade in Myanmar.

Why are you in Yangon, why are you in Myanmar?

Myanmar and Yangon have been described as the last part of unspoilt East and Southeast Asia. But until recently Myanmar has been banned from the outside worid. When researching about Myanmar travel, most are skilled with a footnote on how your touristic bucks support the army regimes.

In spite of the demonstration of the last years of democratic rule, the Myanmar army still has a powerful presence, which is why last year's Rakine state event took place without upheaval. I have Wikipedia telling me that certain travel guide firms like Rough Guide do not release on Myanmar.

Solely to receive referrals that directly benefits the Myanmar population. That made it a little difficult to go to Yangon. I also had to ask myself how much of my pocketing would actually go to the population. I confess, some of the funds I spend on the resort have probably gone to the army regimes, but hopefully most of the funds I have invested in meals, small scale trips, have gone directly into the pocket of ordinary folk just trying to make a livelihood.

As in Vietnam, there are many dubious websites that provide eVisas for Myanmar. It is not widely used, but you can buy 1000-2000 kyat to get a GRAB taxi, which is essentially a clean cab and a little more of an Englishman speakingriver. (Great GRAB concept to give your riders lessons in English).

So, here's my schedule of things I can do in Yangon for a few nights. It is a pleasant place to relax in the inner part of the town when you need a rest. At the edge of the garden there is also a road fair where you can indulge yourself with delicacies from the area.

Pansodan St. is the old bookshop where you will find many booksellers who sell on the streets and in smaller shops. A large number of British works are available, among them very old novels and works from the colonies. Many bound copies or bad forgeries of old and actual printed works are available for British literature.

I' ve collected some really old accounts of the Rangoon economy from about 50 years ago. It is a hot spot for jade traders and is aimed at China and Thailand as well. Notice that jade fishing is under the control of a few military personnel. Jade trading accounts for 48% of Myanmar's GNP, so you can believe there is unbelievable disparity in livelihood.

So, this is my talk about why you shouldn't buy it in Myanmar. The firm we used was Yangon Food Tours (http://www.yangonfoodtour. com/), which is run by about 3-4 people. Your travel leader will take you on a trip to about 7-8 different places to dine, as well as road sellers and local caterers.

To be honest, at the moment we were going to Yangon, there were not many overseas visitors. As soon as you have passed the safety controls, there will be very friendly folks who will try to charge you for a personal guidance through the cloakroom. This was a personal British trip that our travel leader did occasionally to work on her knowledge of German.

We had a guided walk through the Yangon area, so it is a good way to get to know a new town ( "especially how to get across the streets, as the vehicles do not go through the traffic lights"). You' ll get a great account of the Yangon story over the last 50-60 years and see a mixture of old colonial-style houses and the daily lives of the people.

Okay, so we did it with a touring firm named Urban Adventures, and frankly it was a fairly mediocre one. It is described as an occasion to mix with the natives, to buy fruit and goods and to observe the everyday life of the population.

Just think, you take a parade in any town and that's what you pay for. Your tourist guides will always take you on a trip by rail until you arrive at Da Nyin Gone, where there is a small village fair along the rail. There you will hike through a small village fair, where they will show you the products of the region, together with some good photographers.

There you should take the return to Yangon Town. In our days the coaches drove too far and because the tourist manager had to go back to the town to do another trip, she asked to take a taxid. Don't buy a trip!

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