Things to do in Myanmar

Activities in Myanmar

Riding a hot air balloon in Bagan. Things to do in Myanmar. Burma, Mandalay is often treated as a traffic hub and no longer. But I disagree, and to prove you wrong, here are my five most important things I can do in Mandalay. Locate the best things for you near Myanmar Plaza, Yangon (Rangoon).

The commercial capital Yangon is the main gateway to Myanmar/Burma.

The Top 5 Activities in Mandalay, Burma

The Mandalay is the kind of place that is used by humans as a traffic junction, but they leave as soon as possible. While in Burma, I dropped the number of occasions I was told there was nothing to do in Mandalay. But I disagree, and to show that they are mistaken, here are my five most important things I can do in Mandalay.

It is the longest wooden deck in the worid, extending about a kilometer across Taungthaman Sea. You can take a small ferry on the shore or just walk across the viaduct to see the pubs and peddlers at both ends. The biggest of its kind in the whole in Kuthodaw Paya is a set of blank Stupa, each containing a plate of tripitaka (the Buddhist sacred book).

At 729 of these Stupa, it would take a long time for a single individual to study the whole textbook if they could study 8 lessons a year. The wonderful abbey comes with elaborate woodcarvings on the outside and much more. It used to be on the site of the Royal Palace, but after the demise of King Mindon, his successors King Thibaw could not cope with the "spirits" and gradually relocated the convent to its present site at the foot of Mandalay Hill.

This 11 hours excursion to Bagan is unbelievably scenic, but if you feel like doing something a little less, you can go to Mingun, just an upriver. This is the incomplete pitot, or perhaps the biggest ringing bells in the whole wide underworld. Do you feel like a mound with gold stupas and icy shrines?

Now, you should probably take yourself to sayaing hills. It is best seen from the sea (see above) or from the street viaduct crossing the stream.

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