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Activities in Monywa

When you drive into town, you must visit the Thanboddhay Pagoda on the way. Extensive and up-to-date information about the sights and activities in Monywa. Two days are enough to enjoy the city and its sights. Les meilleures choses à faire à Monywa, Myanmar avec des photos, une carte d'attraction et un guide détaillé. Explore Monywa with the help of your friends.

Top 6 Activities in Monywa, Myanmar

The town of Monywa (Burmese: ?????????????; MLCTS: ?? RHWA MURI. Pronounced[mò??jwà mjo?]) is a town in Sagaing Region, Myanmar, 136 km northwest of Mandalay on the east shore of the Chindwin River. Approximately one hour from Monywa, this wonderful place is definitely a must. Many of the alcoves with their many Buddha sculptures (sitting, upright and reclining ) are astonishing (many made of sandstone).

580,000 + monks under one (huge) umbrella. It is a nice and well preserved sanctuary with over half a million Bhuddha's. Truly unparalleled, just as you saw every rendering of Buddhahood and Ice Age. Sculptures vary in stature sizes, most of which are less than 4-inch. It seems that this gives the ordinary man the opportunity to buy a sculpture and place it in this place, regardless of your means.

The price of our small sculpture is 500Kyat - 36 Cent in US $. Although I was not a Buddhist, I was still urged to erect a sculpture to help the sanctuary. It was a breathtaking place and a must if you are in this part of Myanmar and near the high Buddha-attractions. Bodhi Tataung actually represents the area of all three "main Buddhas", the statues that stand (and to date the second highest stand in the world), the statues that lie and sit - the latter under reconstruction.

However, all of them are encircled by tens of thousand of smaller Buddha sculptures, dressed in either green (at the foot of the hill) or reddish, which stand behind and beside the large Buddha. This 130-metre high sculpture is really impressing and if you are fortunate, you are the only foreign visitor.

While I was there, only a few native visitors visited and the "lack" of humans ensured great images of the sculpture. Buddha is only a little below the Buddha on the floor. This is very good, because the rider can take you to the Buddha.

But I saw automobiles and minibuses with tourists coming from the back of the Buddha stand, so I think it's a good idea to ask a cabbie beforehand if he can take you up there. It is a first class draw for the giant (433 foot high) Buddha who stands, lies and sits (under construction) and the "wow" view of this area.

In fact, the interior of the still-standin' Buddhahood is a studying open-air exhibition that follows and represents the buddhistic voyage upwards from the 8 planes of hell to nirwana. An absolute must to see if you are in this part of Myanmar. Close to the 1/2 million Buddhas and the 1000 Buddhas forrest.

The Mauraleagoda is one of the old Myanmar Mar Martian pagods founded by King Kyan Sitthar. Situated in the A Myint community between Monywa and Pakkokku. Architecturally this is different from other types of picture and you can see the wall paintings in the picture. You can study the way to counterbalance Myanmar with trellis near the palm tree and visit the Teakwood Bridges over the Great Sea, which is flanked by a group of palm trees.

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