Things to do in Mae Sot

Activities in Mae Sot

The Mae Sot municipal market is one of the largest and most dynamic we have ever experienced in Thailand. An extensive list of activities in Mae Sot, Thailand. Contains all important sights and activities in and around Mae Sot. Borderline Art Gallery and the weaving mill. Bike tour to the border between Thailand and Myanmar.

Places to go: Mae Sot

The most westerly county is situated along Maenam Moei on the Thai coast about 86 kilometres from the town of Tak. Mae Sot is opposite Myanmar on the other side of the river and has so much to give you. It' a gemstone lover's haven for shoppers as it has become an important marketplace for jewellery and precious stones and for general shopsaholics who can buy inexpensive Myanmar clothes, tobacco, decorative articles, genuine Myanmar rugs and slipovers, etc. at the local markets (behind the Siam Hotel).

From Tak to Mae Sot is easy to reach by driving from Tak town center on the 105 motorway.

Mae Sot, what can you do?

Thai city with many immigrants and fugitives from Burma, it used to be a hideout for insurgents, missions and exiled politicians. And then all the volonteers and NGOs came, and now they go to Burma to "go in", and the companies come (see huge Tesco and Big C on the Frontier Street, filled for the Burmese tourists).

In Mae Sot, going to the shops is a good thing, as things are much less expensive than in Chang Mai or Bangkok, and there are many shops: The Borderline Café has a large store with things from nearby organizations; and Weave - a company that supports and improves the life of tribal mothers.

A visit to the frontier area for a tourist or just for a tourist visit is interesting. Until you could see how Myanmar citizens irregularly traverse on boat at the government's borders (20 pounds for Myanmar, no aliens allowed), but on my last visit I saw no boat. There' always a celebration, so visit Cafe Ole for a quick refreshment or supper and then visit the Thai pubs in the area.

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