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Have a look at our YouTube video of Thein Taung Pagoda looking south over the city of Kalaw. Activities near Pine Hill Resort, Kalaw on TripAdvisor: Activities near the Kalaw Heritage Hotel on TripAdvisor: Travel guide to the sights in Kalaw. Schedule visits to the Pindaya Caves, Shwe Oo Min Paya + Kakku Pagodas.

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Kalaw's accommodation is aimed at the adventurous and those who want to sit and relax. In addition, basic boarding houses and shared rooms offer a good opportunity for those who want to relax before going on a multi-day hike to Inle Lake or Pindaya.

Kalaw was founded by UK officials as a holiday destination and keeps much of its colourful flair. Kalaw's fresh breezes and well-kept roads make it an excellent holiday destination for those who want to make themselves comfortable and enjoy the countryside. Also known as a trekking haven, Kalaw has a long history of exciting and demanding multi-day walks through the countryside, offering the opportunity to encounter indigenous mountain people and find high mountain lochs.

Calaw is in Shan State. Schedule your Kalaw and other Myanmar travel destination with our Myanmar Travel Planer.

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Situated near the Rangoon River, this nation wide sanctuary is close to the north of Rangoon. Specialists who have been instrumental in the provision of package tours for Kawal City have said that the reserve has an area of about 623 hectares and is a favourite holiday spot for various eco-tourists and members of the families. The reason for this is the closeness to the trading centres as well as the variety of different occupations and the available game.

Currently, Hlawaga Nationalpark has become a home for 21 different types of animals, 145 different birds, 8 reptile types and about 25 ha of small zoos. Further attractions of this nature reserve are horse back rides on elephants, hiking throughout the whole nature reserve, boat trips on the near lakes and rock climb.

Hiking from Kalaw to Inle Lake in Myanmar

When I was blowed away from the Bagan Myanmar temples, I thought nothing could surpass this one. After a few day hiking and the way to Inle Lake from Kalaw, I am corrects. Following a strenuous 3-hour coach journey (trust me, Myanmar busses are like no other!) I reached the small mountain city of Kalaw.

Without any plans, I walked the roads in quest of a hiking enterprise. Kalaw, a slept-in city, is known to be the beginning of one of Myanmar's best adventures, a point that every traveller who travels through the city speaks about. In between the diversified and diversified landscape during the three-day hike and the fact that you can enjoy the ease of living in the towns to which you hike, this is an adventure I strongly suggest to anyone travelling to Myanmar.

Once you arrive in Kalaw, you will see a good number of walking businesses and locals, all with similar things to offer. Anything from $25 to $45 per person per night is possible, so it is important to choose a good travel agent and a good hiking group. Overpowered by the possibilities, we chose the firm that our hotel suggested.

Even though we had some reservations with the firm with which we were together (on the third working night we almost ran out of potable water!), our tour leader at the beginning, Krishna, set up his own hiking tour in the meantime and I cannot give him enough personal recommendations. The Krishna Hiking Services now offer three-day all-inclusive Kalaw to Inle Lake tours, offering visitors three full nights of Myanmar dining, lodging, and great leadership and entertainment capabilities. is a Myanmar flight and tour operator that I have found and that provides various flight and tour deals at great rates. When you are looking for accommodation in Kalaw, book now. com has many sensible ways where you can live. Krishna, our tour leader, thoroughly talked to us with his ammo of puzzles, gags and feats, which soon became one of the things we were looking forward to every night.

This hike was about 21 km long and a challenge due to the warm weather. A highlight of this hike is the play and interaction with the kids from the towns you are passing. In Kalaw I suggest to buy a small toys (rubber ball, bubble, etc.) and keep it with them, because they really like it.

The third we felt fatigued and our feet were quite worn out, but the thought of seeing Inle See kept us alive. And after a time that felt like eternity, we saw a view of the brightly shimmering deep sea. Soon we enjoyed a well earned ice-cold ale at the lakeside, talked and remembered our trip in the last three nights.

Following a leisurely meal, we boarded a motorised long-tail vessel that crossed the sea to take us to the Nyaungshwe city. My accomplishment of finishing the trip and seeing the lovely landscape around us made these three unforgettable Myanmar outings. Nyaungshwe will carry your big rucksack to the mountain so that you only need a small daypack with a few important things.

There are some things I suggest you take with you. All in all I had a great experience hiking in Myanmar. Love to crouch around a few lights at midnight when my group and I were talking about living and travelling. Indeed, our group of buddies connected so much during this hike that I have since been meeting 3 of them in different parts of the canyon.

Krishna, our tour leader, rounded off the adventure for us with his many amusing tips and cards. All in all, this hike is something I very much recommended, as the adventure was very unforgettable. With the friendliness of the local people who have opened their houses, the beautiful varied landscape and the demanding hike, this journey becomes one of the high points of your Myanmar itinerary.

And if you would like to contact Krishna Trekking Service, you can do it here: In search of more inspirational travel in Myanmar?

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