Things to do in Hpa an

What you can do in Hpa and Hpa

The most important things you mustn't miss. What you can do near the Yathaypyan Cave on TripAdvisor: Activities in Hpa An, Myanmar + Activities in Yangon, Myanmar Special thanks to: Explore Hpa-An with the help of your friends. Kids hang-gliding on the way to Saddan Cave, Hpa An.

Best things to do in Hpa-an.

There' a lot of interesting things to do in Hpa-an. Ranging from historic landmarks to major heritage landmarks, Hpa-an offers a complete listing of all other Hpa-an landmarks. Come and see new places of interest and things to see near Hpa-an. Don't miss these fantastic places of interest in Hpa-an. Find out about the schedule of rides and sightseeing tours in Hpa-an and the surrounding areas.

This will help you make the most of your Hpa-an journey. Hpa-an's main sights include - The best you can do in Hpa-an and its surroundings, the most important sights such as historic sights, nature sights, adventure and entertaining activity, restaurants and drinks. Equipped with everything you can do in Hpa-an - addresses, review, facts, traveler pictures and more.

Looking for a Hpa-an route? Has to see places in Hpa - and sorted by likes. Below is the full listing of the best Hpa-an sights and places to do.

Mawlamyine & Hpa An In Myanmar - Why to go there

Because Rangoon, Bagan and Mandalay have precedence on the travel routes of most people in Myanmar, the south states of Mon State and Kayin State are often ignored. Therefore you should on your Myanmar journey see both Mawlamyine and Hpa An. As we had the chance to discover the less known parts of Myanmar that were full of civilization and luck, how could we say no?

However, before we begin, you must first know that the capital cities of the individual states - Mawlamyine and Hpa An - are the capital cities. Inside the stone sculpture you can see the three (soon eight) storeys of the chamber.

Mawlamyine' highest building and the centre of the town. There are several ways to get between Mawlamyine and Hpa An, such as trains, buses and riverboats. So we decided for a small raft that leads us along the Than Lwin along the water and takes about three and a half hour.

Early mornings were was really relaxed and a great change of scenery between bikes and asphalt. I was on a led trip with Myanmar Tourism, which coincidentally included a homemade luncheon in a town. While we don't believe that this is possible without being booked by a travel agent, it was a great learning curve to have the time.

Best of all, the fluvial cab will take you back to the mouth of the cavern. Our trip through these parts of Myanmar in the south was very much appreciated and gave us a good feeling for the cultural behind the area. If you have enough spare moment, it is a good idea to add these two states to your itinerary!

Meavlamyine - Cinderella Hôtel - Small and nice guesthouse with nice personnel and a nice buffet area. Also you can see the rates of other accommodation in Mawlamyine here and Hpa An here. See our breakdown - Things To Do In Myanmar - Our Myanmar Itinerary for more things you can do in Myanmar and what it is you need to take.

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