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Mandalay's exotic cuisine will never let you forget during your journey. Activities in Myeik, Burma Myanmar Mergui Archipelago extends 400 km from Dawei to Kawthaung, with the westernmost archipelago more than 100 km from the continent. The Andaman Sea, a part of the Andaman Sea consisting of about 800 islets, undoubtedly offers the greatest unexplored sea and insular explorations in Southeast Asia, but still from...


Learn more about the Mergui Archipelago. You can easily walk around Myeik. Here is an easiest route to take to visit a few teashops, some architectonic landmarks and Lake Mingalar. According to the stations, leave a half days on a simple..... More about Myeik Wandering Tours.

He would have felt at home here in Theindawgyi Wooden Floors, found quite a lot of heroin in the centre of the city and dominated the square and the cuckoo area. It is the most beloved of the pagodas in the city for the local people and the few tourist, but while the former come to make sacrifices and pray, the scenic views are the main attraction for overseeers.

More about the Theindawgyi Pagoda. Tanintharyi, an antique city on the southern shore of the eponymous stream, has hardly any international tourists - so be ready to welcome them all and shine in the eyes of the less shy people. It follows the riverbank and offers scenic vistas before you cross a viaduct on which Tanintharyi is located on a hillside on the other side.

More about Tanintharyi and other daily excursions. on Skyscanner. Please have a look at past editions.


When you' re out with children, you know that anticipating is all about. All of the rides that were popular with grown-ups or visitors in general would be for older children, but if you have younger ones, many destinations would unfortunately not work here. You may find the right thing for you at our children's area.

It would scare small children because there are big spaces between some of the boards and there are no handrails on the sides. It is difficult for children (and some older ones) to keep their equilibrium and cross the viaduct securely. Mingun has no proper railing either, so it can be a good choice even for small children.

Pets seem to be attractive to the child, so that they can make horse-drawn carriage riding a lot of pleasure, but they are also too limp for a living room and home. Energy-orientated infants would quickly feel unwell and tired. When you are planning to bring your offspring to Mandalay, below are some things you can do in Mandalay with them.

Situated at the foot of Mandalay Hill near the fortifications, this 53 -hectare complex of zoos is home to a variety of wildlife. It is ideal for youngsters, especially the little ones, to explore the wildlife. Local people can select from amusement parks, ý5Dýs, massages, videogames and other activities. It is also a good place for them.

One of the highlights is a Mandalay marionet show, which is typical for most people. Attending a workshop is also a good opportunity for the whole familiy to get to know about doll making, lottery fabrics, lacquering, silversmithing etc. There are many nice arts and crafts that can be brought along as a travelling present from Burma, at very good prizes.

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