Things to do in Bago

What you can do in Bago

So I talked to an older woman who comes every day to volunteer with the nuns. Schedule visits to Shwemawdaw Paya, Shwethalyaung Buddha + Kyaik Pun Pagoda. Booking tours through Bago + Pyay. Watch Bago from the breathtaking Hinthargone Pagoda. Explore Bago City with the help of your friends.

Excursion to Bago

Burma's old capitol Bago (or Pegu) is now known as Myanmar. Only 80 kilometres north east of Yangon lies this nice town directly on the Bago River. One of them said that Buddha himself had foretold that a Buddha land would flourish in the place where Bago now is.

Their eleven hours long Bago trip will be full of cultural and historical highlights, with your English spoken travel leader always willing to help. Continue the trip by visiting the Shwethalyaung Buddha, a 55-metre-long Buddha to the western side of the town, as well as the Kyaik Pun Pagoda and the flamboyant Kanbawzathadi Palace, which consists of 76 suites and hallways and explores the town' s imperial past.

Day 1 Bago itinerary: 5 top motorbike tour destinations

The Bago is a superlative place... come and see the highest Myanmarupa, two of the longest lying Buddhas & one of the biggest Myanmar piths in the whole wide range - see it all on our 1-day Bago Route! It is a bustling place situated in an unusual place - the major road passes through the center of the area.

Bago's focus on religious Buddhism is one of the largest and most extensive in Myanmar. Entrance fees are $10 for the main sights of the city: Bago's 114 meter high shrub of Shwemawdaw Paya rises high above Bago and is actually the highest in Myanmar, 14 meters higher than the famous Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon.

Known as the Temple of the Golden God, it was initially constructed by the Mon in the 12th to anchor 2 Hair of the Buddha. It has since been at the mercy of earth quakes and other catastrophes, repeatedly restored, re-erected and re-constructed, along with other saintly and kingly remains (2 Buddha-tooth saints and a King Bayinnaung crown).

Bago's old lying Buddha, allegedly made in 994, is accommodated in a permanent shed. With a height of 16 metres and a length of 55 metres, it is one of the biggest of its kind in the whole word. Representing the Buddha in a relaxing manner with widely open eyes and slightly splayed legs, he is considered one of the most loyal representations to me.

Shwethayaung' s newest lying Buddha, the street down from Shwethayaung, constructed in 2002 and also one of the biggest in the can. According to tradition, the serpent is a re-incarnation of a worshipped friar or nature ghost, but the history I got from the serpent attendant is that it is actually a re-incarnation of the monk's daugther.

He had a nightmare in which he saw the serpent travel from Shan State (far away) to him, and the serpent telling him exactly where to find it. No matter what the history, since its wondrous voyage and apparition, the old serpent has been an important theme of dedication for locals Buddhists.

1 day Bago itinerary fun factor: The line is under 24-hour protection and ate every 50 nights about 5 kg of hen. It is one of the largest Myanmar Python in the whole wide range, more than 5 meters long and 30 cm thick - even twisted, this holy place of snakes is certainly an outstanding sights.

It is not something for an outsider, but essentially unreal, to see the earnestness of ministry and homage: faithful who pray before a serpent, sing and bow before it, embodying the intense Buddha commitment in the land. A lot of Bago ladies work in coceroot plants and roll along typical cylindric Burmese tobacco. Offering a punch, a strong flavor and a longer shelf life than normal Zigaretten - in combination with a low level of prices (25-50 for 2 kyat), the Zigarren remains with native, men and Mrs. like.

In this store, the ladies work from 18:30-18:30 and roll 1,000 cigarettes for 3,000 kyats a per diem. The journey takes 2.5 hours to Bago. Have you enjoyed read the 1 Night Bago itinerary? You like to smoke cheroot?

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