Things to do in Bagan

What to do in Bagan

In Bagan there is much to do with numerous attractions in the ancient archaeological zone. Browse the latest posts here to see what you can do in Bagan! Those are the things you can do in Bagan. is one of those mystical places on earth. There are thousands of pagodas beautifully embedded in the landscape, the sunsets are breathtaking.

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Former Burma's capitol Bagan is a must for any visitor to Myanmar, thanks to the astonishing number of monuments in the area. Wherever I was looking there was a sanctuary, a statue or a large stone tower with many that date back to the twelfth cenury. Nyuang U, Old Bagan and New Bagan, and an extensive sanctuary area.

It is the larger city and houses the railway stations, pier and international airports. The New Bagan is a new community founded in 1990 to accommodate the former residents of Old Bagan who were compelled to go. In Old Bagan are many of the remains and ancient monuments of this area, where you will find the best focus.

One of my favourite things was to explore this area, especially around Old Bagan, where I concentrated most of my visits. Here you will find a Bagan guidebook with all the information you need to know to spend a great holiday. Please be sure to also refer to our complete Myanmar guidebook. Old Bagan's ancient monasteries are all quite near to each other and it is simple to take your own walk.

Personally, I liked the flex that going offered, and it was never more than a few moments between the temporaries. From one temple to another I could follow small trails instead of streets in many parts and could discover the area without all the people. Everywhere there are really Temples!

At Ananda Pahto I began my "tour" directly in front of the Old Bagan wall and went in from there. It was a beautiful walk for a few short hrs, some of the buildings outside Old Bagan included - it's quite simple to walk by accident as the wall is not completely surrounded. Love to be able to go my own way and felt as if I was exploring the Temple myself.

Below are my favorite stamps from this trip. The 51 meter high, gleaming sanctuary in front of the gates of Old Bagan is unmissable. Lonely Planet describes it as "one of the most beautiful, greatest, best conserved and venerated of all Bagan temples". It was the liveliest place I ever went to, but even here I was essentially alone when I looked around.

It was the first place I ever went within the Old Bagan Wall and one of my favorites. It' small, but I could go to the top floor of the church where there was a great view, especially of Thatbyinnyu. Bagan?s highest shrine, 63 metres high, constructed in 1144.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the sanctuary, but it is definitely rewarding to discover this beautiful place. A further attractiveness on the Bagan activities schedule is this unique collection, located in a huge, unsightly nineteenth centuries styled sanctuary. Here there are many artifacts from the Bagan area, Buddhas below, labeled rocks and originals.

We have a large selection of transport options to guide you through the thousand of terraces in this area. Choose which temple you want to go to the most, or find an experienced rider to lead you to their favorites. You' ll quickly find out what you can see in Bagan! Start a 45-minute trip through Bagan's vast temple landscape from the skies.

As soon as you have seen Bagan by plane and road, another possibility is a dusk cruise on the Ayeyarwady. The Aye Yar River View Resort - if you are not on a small investment then this is the best all-round resort for Old Bagan. It' simple to go out from here and discover the Old Bagan Temple.

Guesthouse Golden Myanmar - for a great value alternative, try this guesthouse in Nyaung U. It is easy but in a practical and beautiful position and inexpensive - see the prices here. It may have a peculiar name, but it is an haven right in front of the Tharabar Gate in Old Bagan.

Great place to stop for dinner when you' re discovering Old Bagan. And if you're asking yourself how to get to Bagan, there are buses, train and flight services from Yangon and these facilities as well as a ferry from Mandalay. Stuff's going sour. What I was flying was beautiful and simple. Out of Mandalay I have flown with Air Bagan.

but I was transfered to Air Bagan automatic. Taxi's from the airports are 6.000 K to Old Bagan, 5.000 K to Nyuang U and 7.000 K to New Bagan. It is also possible to rent a bike, an electrical bike or a motorcycle. Whole Old Bagan is regarded as a holy area and you need to keep your legs and your shoulder covered.

In my travel guidebook it said that you should also elbow your head, but the natives didn't, so I don't think it's necessary. But if you want to explore on feet, I suggest good hiking boots. Bagan's attraction is not child-friendly. I think, however, that it would be simple for children to explore the temple and the open area.

Sitting astonished on the cab ride from the terminal to Old Bagan, the Temple became more and more focused until it seemed they were everywhere. Exactly. As it is such a scattered complex with thousand of terraces, I never had the feeling to be overwhelmed by other people.

Particularly I liked to wander around and explore myself. where I was the only one who was there. Speaking for myself, I very much favored Bagan. Basically the temporal organs were in better shape, and I found it simple to run around and be alone. You ever seen so many churches?

If she is not at home in Melbourne, she explores the outside with her little ones.

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