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??????) Myanmar News App. Iwin Htoo. office sear, myanmar mhar htun. One of Burma's most popular and respected singer-songwriters was Htoo Eain Thin. He had a unique style, also compared to other contemporary singer-songwriters like Soe Lwin Lwin and Kaiser.

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Head cook Thit Htoo began his F&B carreer at the young age of 17 at the restaurant orientental house Chinese. This happy cook became stronger and stronger and stayed 8 years in Thailand, where he refined his cooking abilities and worked in different Bangkok cuisine. Now, hang on to hear the easy-to-understand Thit Htoo Chef's recipe!

The police hand over a fatal accident to the army with the participation of the army driver.

NayPYITAV - Policing gave the Armed Forces an inquiry into a deadly accident in which a newspaper man was struck by a vehicle drove by a militia official. The Voice Journal chief U Tin Lin was immediately murdered as he was riding his motorbike near Naypyitaw Central Railway Station in Pobbathiri Township in the county capitol, after being struck from behind by a back of a vehicle ridden by an armed forces majority on Saturday at 10:30 pm.

"We have examined the case and turned it over to the affected corps because the perpetrator is an officer of the army," said Pobbathiri Municipality Policeistation Lt Thaung Htike Oo. In the township of Pobbathiri, far away from his Yangon extended his life to U Tin Lin. During the 2010 parliamentary elections, he had failed to challenge a National Democratic Force (NDF) parliamentary office that represented his home town in Yangon's Kungyangon Township.

"We will take the corpse to Kungyangon and arrange for his burial. and Disease Control Unit in Zayarthiri Township, was sent to the 1,000-bed No. 2 military hospital to do a test to see if he was drinking while on the road, but the results are still not known, said Lt Thaung Htike Oo.

The Kyi Taung Kan policestation in the township of Pobbathiri has initiated proceedings against Maj Kaung Htoo Lwin for ruthless drive and cause of deaths. From Burmese by Thet Ko Ko Ko.

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