I' m sorry, Theodore is a man's first name. Theodore is the name of a boy of Greek origin and means "God's gift". It was Theodore: Significance of the name Theodore Theodore is the name of a young man of Grecian descent and means "God's gift". Rank 62nd in our chart of favourites, Theodore is often included in Old Man Name listings and debated in our discussion boards with articles such as "Quick Question Thread". In 1901, when Theodore Roosevelt took over, the name Theodore was among the top 40 boys, with Teds and Teddys everywhere.

Following some harmful stereo- the plump Chipmunk Theodore and Beaver Cleaver's true name, Theodore went into a demise from which he has definitely recovered, also thanks to the beloved and sympathetic moniker Theo. Ivanka Trump, Bryce Dallas Howard, Natascha McElhone and Ali Larter, not to speak of the fictitious sons of Christian and Ana in Fifty Shades of Grey.

It was not only worn by the writer Dreiser, the writer Roethke and the famous Parisian artist Gericault, but was also the first name (Theodor) of Dr. Seuss. Under the famous Teds, Baseball's Williams and Musicians Nugent Theodore were birth, but Ted Turner was baptized Robert, and Ted Kennedy and Ted Danson were orig.

Laurie, the much-loved figure in Little Women, was called Theodore Laurence.

Name Meaning & Origin

Theodore' origin: Theodorus, a Latin word from the Greek Theod?ros, is a combination of theos ( "God") and www-webshop. org (a gift): hence "God's gift". Theodore. In a word: Theo. Pets: Teddy. A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman. Do you know a Theodore? So what are his brothers and sisters called?

The youngest of our sons was called Theodore (his older brother's name is Henry). So Theodore was on our brief schedule before our boy was borne (along with Augusten, not Gus). And when he was a baby, he was like a Theodore. Name' Teddy or Ted.

Elder Brother Maxwell is Max, older Nurse Annika is Annie. I reduced the names to three - Oscar, Beckett, Theodore - and put the names listed in the clinic. When he was a baby, there was no doubt that Theodore was Theo' s best match! Theodore is our youngest boy, nicknamed Ted, Teddy, Teddy Bear.

and Mitchell. And I toyed with the thought of calling my daugther Theodore. Theodore is my cousin's name, even though he's always gone from Teddy. Ted, Teddy, Theo, of Greek origin, which means "God's gift". Find the right name with Spike Jones' "Her" Theodore Twombly - Free!

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