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The comedy duo Ylvis consists of the brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker. Newest tweets from YLVIS (@Ylvis). Two very musically talented brothers from Norway named Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker. You decide to use your musical talents for the comedy. So what does the Fox say?


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The Ylvis Fan's

Ugh, youutube is so frustrating to be dealing with tries at placing my sub-titles into a note on youutube have so far turned out all the way, they don't appear for other folks and I first put them up a weeks ago... That' s my preliminary version, I' m not from Norway, I' m just a submarine enthusiast for this happening.....

You will be first gathered in the same room and can read all/every Norwegian (I think dialect?)..... You' ll sense and try to find out what it is.... ---BULL TESTICLES---...

That'?s a mouth. You got a tuck? I' m afraid the muzzle' s fake. These are the testes of a pretty big beast. These are a cop's balls. Yeah, that's a bug, one big bug. Bug making noises? BARE PIGS..... Bare rodent? That's a bare cavy.

Why the Fox? All you need to know about Ylvis and much more.....

They' made the greatest hits in the US and UK with a Norway act since A-Ha's Take on Me 28 years ago and a virtual YouTube movie in What Does the Fox Say? that now has 217 million viewers. Who is Ylvis? Bård (blonde) and Vegard (brown-haired) Ylvisåker organise a Twice Weekly Long-Night talk show at TVNorge in Norway.

Produced by Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Storleer Eriksen of Stargate, the creators of the Rihanna video, it was in exchange for Ylvis, who made a film about the story of Eriksen's centenary. Their snowball victory brought them world renown almost over night and celebrated them with US talkshows like Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres.

Though Ylvis has not attracted as much interest, he has been successful with earlier spoofs. A native of Bergen, Norway, the Brother lived their early years in Angola and Mozambique, where their fathers were engineers during the fighting. They were discovered during their schooldays in the chorus by the US businessman and presario Peter Brandt, who engaged them in 2000 for a concert at the Ole Bull Theatre in Bergen, Norway.

Her first show was Ylvis en Kabaret (Ylvis: A Cabaret). The younger sibling Bard recently remarried his long-time friend Maria in New York and has three kids. This May Bård sells his house in Bergen and buys a villa in Oslo in 1897 for £1.2 million.

And Ylvis will perform on Friday (November 15th) at BBC's Children In Need.

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