The Yangon Times

Yangon Times

The Yangon Time focus is mainly on general news. Yangon Circular Train gives you the opportunity to mingle with the friendly locals and get an insight into their relaxed and almost stress-free lifestyle. Burma has begun to expand the six-decade old railway loop in its former capital Yangon with official development assistance from Japan. Yangon Times (Burmese: ??

??????????????) is a weekly newspaper published in Burma. Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) building.

The Yangon Railway Yangon

Yangon Circular Train was constructed in 1954 by the British. The line comprises a 45.9 km long rail link and terminates at 39 trainmostations. Each day the train runs counterclockwise (left) and counterclockwise (right) along the train run. Yangon Circular Train gives you the opportunity to blend in with the local people and get an insight into their relaxed and almost stress-free lifestyle.

The Yangon Railway Stations, Pagoda Road, Lanmadaw, Pyay Road, Shan Road, Ahlone Road, Panhlaing Road, Kemmendine, Hanthawaddy, Hletaw, Kamayut, Thiri Myaing, Okkyin, Theamaing, The Myothit, Gyogon, Insein, Ywama, trains leave Yangon Railway Stations about every 45 to 60 mins. There are 100-200 Kiats for non-air conditioners and 500-800 Kiats for an air conditioner.

The Yangon - The Japanese Times

Burma has started to expand the six-decade old railroad ribbon in its former capitol Yangon with the help of Japanese aid. In order to characterize the relation, Yangon recently organized a party during a stroll..... In Myanmar's biggest town, Yangon, a fire devoured a luxurious Yangon resort in the early hours of Thursday, and killed at least two souls.

So far two corpses have been found, one of which was discovered as a man by the name of Masafumi Tomita in the 1950s..... Under the name "Tokyo Dining City", the complex has six restaurant that combine Japan's genuine cuisine..... On Thursday, a Malaysia vessel with more than 2,000 tonnes of relief goods for the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar's difficult Rakhine state landed in Yangon.

One shooter on Sunday murdered a Myanmar National League for Democracy counsel and shot the attorney in the eye when he left Yangon International Park, the administration said. In 2015, Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar's present presidents, Thein Sein, will both be 70 years old.

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