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Gasoline bombing suspect in Aung San Suu Kyi's Yangon mansion detained

Aung San Suu Kyi was not at home when the raw bombs hit the door of her mansion on Thursday and caused little harm except a fire that burnt a well. According to the policeman's reports, he said that he was highly-motivated in launching the bombshell because he was "cursed by magic".

One of the few Muslims to occupy a high profile seat of power in mainly Buddhist Myanmar, Ko Ni was gunned in the face as he was waiting outside Yangon International as he held his grandchild.

but the New York Times doesn't tell why.

In October, we published an paper entitled "Yangon ranks second in the world's insecure city" summarizing Yangon's place in the Safe Cities Index 2017. We' ve got a great deal of frustrating response from people living in Yangon or visiting Yangon, most of whom said they never felt insecure in this town.

At the time it was evident that most of these guys did not have the Safe Citizens Index and it is now quite evident that neither the writer of an New York Times trip story nor their primary conversational partner. Shivani Vora's Five Destinations That Call for Deposit item list five of the eight least placed towns in the Safe Citizens Index (not the lowest five for some reason) and try to account for why they are so insecure.

And Yangon is one of these towns, but the reason Vora gives to why Yangon is so perilous is nowhere to be found in the index itself. Yangon is uncertain about Islamic Buddhaist tension, according to Vora's primary resource, a deputy CEO of a securities consultancy called Greg Boles.

Though the Economist Intelligence Unit's Safe Cities Index does not contain the words "Muslim" or "Buddhist," and although there are certainly disparities in the town, Yangon has seldom been the scene of large inter-group conflicts. What Vora and Boles call "tensions" also exists elsewhere in the land, but according to UN specialists they would be better described as "genocide".

Yangon is the only town that is more secure than Karachi because of its low performance in four main areas: electronic safety, healthcare safety, infrastructural safety and people-to-people. This means that Yangon's five million inhabitants are susceptible to epidemics such as computer viruses, communicable disease, bad healthcare, bad government, bad infrastructures, fire, natural disaster and road crash.

Overlooking the index's content, Vora and Boles could not see that it had little useful information for the tourist and no place in the newspaper's area. Be careful when you visit Yangon, it does not make the hospital better or the administration less dirty or the building less burnt.

Safe Citizens Index provides an overview of the world's towns from the point of views of the thousand most susceptible to service inaccuracies. Trying to acquire the index to help multinational tourist consult on how to spend their vacation, Vora and Boles seem to have abandoned their original purposes, eventually producing a portrayal of Yangon that disregards its actual issues and reduces Myanmar's greatest felony to a rotten, orientalistic comedy.

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