The whole Burma top ten 2016

All of Burma Top Ten 2016

While the train itself is a cultural experience, I don't think you have to stay the whole trip (I didn't). Throughout the whole trip was seamless and well prepared and organised down to the smallest detail. Formerly known as Burma, the country has the power to please even the most experienced traveller. It is one of the most famous and important religious monuments in Bagan. For the whole interview see'Burma's supreme general':


Kakku, where an unbelievable 2,478 Stupa's are neatly lined up over one sq. km of Shan State Hill, is one of the most stunning buildings in Myanmar. Following a cruise at dusk and exploring the riches of Lake Inle, we head off to the..... Burma is a stunning land and has stolen a part of our heart to the edge of icons as we got off the airplane and ended up in this mad, beautiful and inspiring world.

Burma offers an unbelievable variety of activities: from..... Burma is one of our favorite places on the world and when we were traveling, we wanted to discover the land in class. We' ve done a lot of research on the best luxurious hotels in Yangon and compiled a listing of our most popular five-star hotels, which.....

See what Inle Lake has to offer: our top 12 activities on Inle Lake, Myanmar! Iconical Myanmar is an island of Myanmar and the area was at the top of our wish lists! Surrounded by reeds, the sea is breathtaking, but Inle is so much more than just the one.

See the Yangon sights: our top 20 activities in Yangon, Myanmar! In 48 hrs we headed out to discover the best places of interest in Myanmar's biggest town. Myanmar's 13 Coach Tips: our travel guides for long outings!

There are two important exceptions: busses and squatting restrooms. Mount Popa, Bagan: a stop-over full of monkeys and temples! Mt Popa is an Myanmar image postcard: a holy convent with stupa's glittering golden glow enthroned on an extinguished lava. We had it at the top of our Myanmar schedule and made a schedule to come to Bagan when we were hunting for our sunrises and sunsets....

Mountain Resort, Mount Popa, Myanmar: a room with the best views in the hospital! When we saw a picture of the Popa Mountain Resort and its endless swimming pools with views, we knew that we had to make it part of our Myanmar route. Instead, with a plan to go to Mount Popa from our Bagan based camp, we spent the next two nights at Popa Mount Resort.....

39 pictures from an epic Myanmar quest! Burma has stolen a part of our heart as we got off the airplane and ended up in this mad, beautiful and inspiring state. From Yangon in the southern part, across Lake Inle and Bagan in the touristic delta, our Myanmar adventures took us to the last regal.....

Strays in Myanmar: It's a dog's world! Burma fit on both points and I was a little bit jumpy before our trip.

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