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A Burmese newspaper, The Voice Daily. Myanmar News | Enjoy the latest news from Myanmar. ""We must introduce readers to the style of the international newspaper. It' available in Myanmar. Complimentary News & Magazines APP.

Mbt Myanmar | Move Myanmar forward

PAYG (Pay As You Go) or an easily usable voting pack. PAYG allows the user to poll 3 per EP. The PAYG voices are only 16 Ks per voice. This Value Pack gives clients the option to provide assistance as often as they wish. Forms of packaging: "We' re delighted to be the principal sponsors of The Voice Myanmar.

An additional benefit is that all IPM subscribers can use their IPM-SIM in 3G and 4G LTE+ network without additional tariff. For the use of the website no charges will be made. There' s no vote count restriction (via ballots), but PAYG has a 3 vote per EP.

I am more than just a trainer of The Voice Myanmar, I will have to train and promote these up-and-coming celebrities to enhance their talent and performance. MPT's polling system also allows us to consider the voices of the public at home in near-realtime! Don't forgetting to see The Voice Myanmar and voted for your favorite candidates," said Ni Ni Ni Khin Zaw, The Voice Myanmar coaches.

Newsletters: Voice of the European economy in Myanmar - News

The Myanmar Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the first issue of its newsletters. Join us for the latest news and information about upcoming news and activities of interest to Myanmar's businesses in Europe. The EuroCham has been fully ready for operation at its new location since February and acts as a mouthpiece for the Myanmar economy in Europe.

From the first research, mission and match making to offices, network and consultancy, we help EU businesses from SMEs to businesses. We are inviting EU business reps in Myanmar to join us for breakfasts and find out what EuroCham lobbying has to offer in advance of our lobby groups!

Celebrity referees of enterprises from the area present, how Advocacy functions in their European Union Chambers and how the entry to the EuroCham Advocacy used them. Already working on its first Whitepaper, our recently formed Activity Group on Renewable Energies will be meeting with H.E. U Phyo Min Thein, Prime Minister of Yangon in September.

Listen to your voice and take part in our forthcoming briefings: Encouraging all EU businesses to join our advocacy activity - free of cost in 2016. Interested in Myanmar? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for our search for partners, consulting, matchmaking and more. In the EU we offer various free and remunerated SME assistance directly and on demand to commercial agencies or commercial divisions of embassies and consulates.

The previously supported enterprises covered different industries and in turn sent us a gratitude graceful grace, thanks, grace or dzi?kuj?. Start your company with our online map or use your own workplace in our fully equipped busi-ness centre directly at the parks. This is the launch pad for businesses that are looking to explore Myanmar's opportunities before making any investment.

Free international introduction for corporate travel with the opportunity of match making programmes, industrial tours and trade-shows. The EuroCham has obtained assignments from Hungary, Poland and Lithuania and is prepared to assist any member state on demand.

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