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You can read the newspaper The Voice Daily Burmese online. There is also a sister magazine called'The Voice Weekly', which is also very successful. Myanmar/Burmese, author: Swe, editor-in-chief of the newspaper The Voice Daily, in Yangon, Myanmar. Also created in a daily newspaper:

Myanmar Independent Newspaper

It' is a Myanmar paper which, due to some changes in governance policy, will run freely and independent of 2013. She has always been on the side of the human race and served as a blueprint for people's opinions. In addition, there is more importance for popular sentiment and is taking certain changes in the countryside and the arts.

There is also a similarly popular journal called'The Voice Weekly'. In addition to the actual output, you can also use the above e-paper as well.

Voice-daily's editor, columnist indicted under media law

  • YANGON - The editor-in-chief and journalist of The Voice Daily has been indicted under Art. 25(b) of the Media Act for the publication of a satirical report on the current state of the peacemaking processes in the state. They had previously been indicted under contentious art. 66(d) of the Telecommunications Act for the same history after Lt-Col Lin Tun of the Myanmar Army brought a lawsuit against them in the Bahan Township Department on May 17.

U Kyaw Min Swe, editor-in-chief of Burma's U Kyaw Min Swe, and Ko Kyaw Zwa Naing, a satirical writer who is also known under his pseudonym British Ko Naing, were detained on June 2. He was exonerated and freed from the violation of 66(d) at a trial on 16 June, but the editor-in-chief remains in custody and will continue to be indicted under Article 66(d).

The columnist Ko Kyaw Zwa Naing received 2 million Kyat deposit under the Media Act, but editor-in-chief U Kyaw Min Swe did not post a deposit during Friday's trial. Since he was arrested in June, he has been denied at least four refusals of security. Counsel U Khin Maung Myint said that since the same claimant opened the second lawsuit before the Bahan Township Courts, case 66(d) must therefore be settled.

Said he would suggest to the provincial assembly to dismiss the charge against the editor-in-chief under Article 66(d). "This is the first case where a media lawsuit has been brought against a journalist. It can be said that the Media Act has been put into practice," he added. In 2014, the Media Act was passed under ex-President U Thein Sein.

Although the Act proposes that appeals and controversies over releases or transmissions outside the court should be dealt with or heard by the Myanmar Press Council, very few cases have been solved in this way. Art. 25(b) of the Media Act provides for a fine of 300,000 to 1 million Kyat for violation of the Acts.

They can be used when a journalist's written language intentionally affects the image of a particular individual or organisation, when a news agency discloses the IP of others without authorisation, or when photographs or votes are altered in an "inappropriate" manner.

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