The Union of Myanmar

Union of Myanmar

Is there any reason why one of the best-known human rights heroes of the past half century has done nothing about shocking human rights violations in her own country? Myanmar Union definition: ? another name for Myanmar | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. It' the official name of Myanmar. Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and the.

The Government of the Union of Myanmar, hereinafter referred to as.

Government of the Republic of Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nay Pyi Taw, August 21, 2012

Concerning the recent events in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar, some persons and organisations from abroad have made declarations on the basis of incorrect and falsified reports by some international press offices and organisations. Obviously, violent acts in Rakhine State are neither the dispute between two different faiths nor a matter of humanity.

Only the violent clash between two Myanmar community after a crime. The unrest killed 88 persons, 31 of them Rakhine and 57 Muslim Bengals. Likewise, homes and worship facilities from both municipalities were burned down.

Immediately and with full caution, the government took measures to re-establish order and order and stability in places where unrest has broken out since the beginning of the war. Consequently, public order in the state of Rakhine is improved and the overall picture is normalizing again. Myanmar's government has never pursued a non-violent and violent regime against Muslims or other people.

Therefore, the Government firmly dismisses the allegations of some organisations that the Government is pursuing such a misuse practice. It is working in close cooperation with the multinational fellowship to help the lives of those affected in both societies in a non-discriminatory and open way. It is also welcoming the provision of aid internationally, provided it is non-discriminatory for both of them.

The relevant ministers also provided the Myanmar Embassy's Diplomacy Unit and the UN agencies with detailed information on the real world. The government has also organised a visit to the state of Rakhine to monitor the localities. In addition, UN Secretary-General Vijay Nambiar's Special Representative, Thomas Ojea Quintana, Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, the Government of Turkey led by Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the President of the Indonesian Red Cross Yusuf Kalla and Atta Al-manam Bakhit, Deputy Secretary-General of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), paid a visit to Rakhine State and provided aid for the people.

Upon the OIC Secretary General's demand, the authorities have also invited the Secretary General to come to Myanmar at a date of his choice. It is composed of representatives of various religions such as Islam, intellectuals, politicians and pensioned representatives of the state. Events in Rakhine State are secular disputes that are strictly domestic matters of a supreme state.

It has nothing to do with any kind of religion of persecution at all. We will therefore not tolerate any attempts to regionalise or internationalise this dispute on a political or spiritual basis. Burma is a land where Buddhism, Christians, Muslims and Hindus have always lived together in union and Havin.

Therefore, any external intervention or call to hinder the already re-established tranquillity and instability in the affected area should be halted and the vitality of justice and order, peacefulness and instability, conciliation among the affected persons and the victim reconstruction should be supported.

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