The Strand Yangon

Yangon Beach

This iconic colonial hotel remains one of the most impressive hotels in Southeast Asia. Yangon Beach, Yangon, Myanmar. The hotel only accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards when paying the bill. Newest tweets from The Strand Yangon (@TheStrandYGN): "Beautifully appointed, the Strand Suite is stylish yet wonderfully comfortable.

From the past: Yangon Beach

Yangon beach has witnessed so much of its city's past that when you enter the perfectly renovated old town it seems to have become a separate touristic place. Constructed in 1901, just a stone's throw from the Yangon River, the marbled reception area offers an elegant reception in a lodging that has evolved into one of the best in Southeast Asia.

It' s a good reputation. From George Orwell to Rudyard Kipling, the teak-clad sides of the beach lounge have captured the conversation of notorious people. But it was not only the era of colonialism that shaped this house. The Japanese transformed the infamous Burmese cafe into a stable during the Second World War when Burma was occupied, while the recent arrival of Mick Jagger and Oliver Stone has brought a number of contemporary giants to the city.

Visitors will find that each of the 31 rooms on two levels on the beach is a spacious suites. The smallest one, the Superior Suites, has a private seating area, a large bath with a washbasin and a low bath and a single deck chair. Stylishly decorated with teak flooring, beautifully decorated antiques, beautifully decorated with floral patterns and elaborately decorated Myanmar enamel.

It is this accentuation of subtle decorations that is evident in every facet of the resort that makes the beach the highlight of Yangon accommodations. Relax on the calming couch with a jug of coffee and cookies, serving on delicate porcelain, immersed in gentle sunlight coming in from the high window, is a delicate way to soothe the rest.

It is a noble oasis of ancient charms, an anti-poison for an afternoons in the vibrant Yangon town. Walk through timeThe inner part of Yangon is littered with disintegrating monumental structures that have withstood the tumultuous past of Myanmar, although in many cases a little tired.

In spite of the devastation of the times, the colorful architectural style is a pleasure, especially if you go for a walk with the Yangon Heritage Trust. Founded in 2012 to conserve splendid historical monuments in the face of increasing evolution, the town' s visitor can now take part in a 2.5-hour walk that unveils the tales behind the facades.

It' cocktail timeThe teahouse is one of Myanmar's basic foods, with these little stores offering conversations and a dairy concoction on almost every nook and cranny in Yangon. The Rangoon Teahouse, however, located on the first level of a Pansodan Road farmhouse, provides an exalted interpretation of Myanmar's cuisine.

It is a great place for the visitor to taste the flavours of the area, from colour-coded teacards to choice of the ideal mix and seafood soup (the nationwide speciality ) to chocolate-filled steams. So Pomelo, a socially responsible company that supports deprived persons and is a few steps from the beach on Thein Phyu Road, is a much more attractive one.

And the enchanting papier-mâché pets distributed in the store will delight the littlesters. Ninety-two Strand Road, Yangon. Rooms: The guest can select between the 55 square meter Superior Suites up to the 200 square meter Beach Suite. Recommended accommodation: All rooms are large compared to traditional rooms, but the Strand Suite outperforms them and just about any other room in Yangon.

It has a spacious lounge, a spacious dinning room, a workroom, and much more and has a cost that matches its dimensions.

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