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Yangon Beach Bar is undoubtedly the most elegant place to drink a martini or three in Yangon. Beach Hotel Yangon, Myanmar reviews, photos, prices, expert advice, reviews and tips as well as more information from Condé Nast Traveler. Yangon Beach Hotel Myanmar. Beach Hotel Yangon facilities : Are you looking for restaurants near the Sarkies Bar at The Strand Hotel?

Yangon Beach Hotel

Strand Hôtel was build in 1901 by the Sarkies brothers and later renovated in its present splendour by Adrian Zecha, the Strand Hôtel testifies to a long past settlement. Featuring a one-of-a-kind Victory Adventure, this five-star resort is ready for travellers willing to pay a little more for convenience and ingenuity.

Strand Hotel is situated on Strand Road with views of the Yangon River, in the centre of Yangon. Airport-, Transportservice, Internet (Wi-Fi), Concierge, Business Centre, Spa, Essen (The Strand Cafè, The Strand Barbecue, The Strand bar, Te en suite, The Lu ftology), Zimmerservice, Zimmerservice ? A/C, minibar, satellite/cable TV, DVD/CD players, in-house films, newspapers, coffee machine, room safes.....

A/C, minibar, satellite/cable TV, DVD/CD players, in-house films, newspapers, coffee machine, room safes.....

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The Strand, constructed in 1901, is one of the most stylish Yangon resorts. A barbecue on the beach is the place to eat, under a domed roof with candles. Although, if all this is a little too informal, you are sitting in the beach cafe under swirling supporters looking across the road to see a breeze of peopI.

Cuisine ranges from Mediterranean to Burmese, with many occidental flavours. It is ideally situated to discover Yangon. Whilst it can be a bit overpowering for the first while there are a large number of churches and monuments throughout the town, offering a short break from the hustle and bustle outdoors.

In case more relaxing is desired, the resort offers a wide range of therapeutical treatment.

Yangon Beach (1901) | Historic Hotels of the World-Then&Now

Opened in 1901 at the peak of Suez' Spanish Empire, the Strand Park was soon known as " the most beautiful restaurant in Suez. Designed by the Sarkies who targeted Myanmar in 1892 and identified Yangon (then known as Rangoon) as the ideal place for the recent expansion of their luxurious hotels including the Eastern & Oriental Hotels in Penang and Raffles in Singapore.

Yangon was then the third biggest harbor of the Indian Empire and a frequent call point for steamships. Aviiet and Tigran Sarkies designed the plan to construct the first Rangoon resort to address the needs of the increasing number of travelers from around the world to Southeast Asia.

Decided to find the ideal site, the brethren began their 10-year quest for the ideal site and dreamed of purchasing a site on Strand Road near the port. A new 60 room Strand Hotel was located on three floors, each of which was enclosed by a high veranda to keep the interiors chill.

Soon the Strand Hotel earned the fame of "the most beautiful inn east of Suez" and hosted kings, messengers and personalities of the time such as George Orwell, Sir Noël Coward, Rudyard Kipling and Earl Mountbatten, who shared adventures about a beach sour at the Cafe.

Throughout the Second World Peace, the Japan Army asked Imperial Tokyo, which was the premier tourist resort in Japan, to take over the leadership of The Strand in a similar position to The Oriental, Bangkok. Between 1942 and the end of the conflict, the name of the Yamato was changed to Yamato Hospital.

Strand has a colorful past that is often described as one of wealth to fight wealth and back to wealth, but it has always stayed at the core of Rangoon civilization and an integral part of Myanmar's history. In 1949, after the 1949 conflict, the property on which the property was located was purchased by Steel Bros & Co. for the price of 500,000 SEK.

As the new owner of the beach resort splashed the much needed funds into the beach, the resort was restored. From 1958 to 1963 the annual Rose Ball, a benevolent celebration of Mrs. Gore Booth, took place at the Strand Ball Club. "Aunt Monica Mia Maung, a Brit who in 1937 had been marrying the Burma judge's boy, said the ball room was full of the most precious blossom.

Burma formally took its name Myanmar in 1989 and its capitol, Rangoon, was re-named Yangon. The Strand was also for purchase after centuries of abandon. Adrian Zecha, a famous hotelskeeper, has fallen in great affection for the Strand Park and its services and people. He came to help when the occasion presented itself and purchased the property with Burma business man Bernard Pe-Win and the Myanmar administration.

It has been completely refurbished. Then, Myanmar Hotels International (MHI) was founded to run a 50/50 JV between the federal administration, Strand Hotels International, a group of international investor and its president, the deceased Anthony Gaw. Following major renovation work and a global capital expenditure of $10.5 million, The Strand was re-opened on November 4, 1993 and returned to its former glory.

More than a hundred years later, Yangon's best establishment is still at the top of luxurious South East Asian accommodation. It is currently being extensively renovated and will restore the award-winning historic building to its former splendour. It will maintain its historic architectonic features such as floors in natural stone and tea tree, candelabra, lacquered wooden furnishings, antique pieces of Myanmar and characteristic services.

Under the management of Mark Murraybrown, the new head of the beach, and Christian Martena, the new head cook, the restaurants on the beach will be completely refurbished and overhauled. Throughout its long story, The Strand has been supported by kings, nobles, discoverers, adventure seekers, performers, writers and other important personalities who arrived in Myanmar (Burma). The hotel's guestbook counts name of::

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