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?????????????) is a newspaper published in Burma. ??????????????????????????????? ???????????? The Standard Time Daily (Burmese: ??????????????) is a newspaper published in Burma. The ePaper app for Standard Times Myanmar. Local media the Standard Time Daily reported Wednesday. Other newcomer is The Standard Time Daily.

Soon, Mizzima will stop daily

In 2013, the German authorities gave the go-ahead for the release of 16 daily papers. Both The Voice Daily, Union Daily, New Golden Land Daily and Standard Time Daily appeared on April 1, 2013. Myanmar Newsweek began on April 20; 7 days daily on April 25; Yangon Times Daily on May 1; the Daily Eleven on May 3; the Messenger on May 7, Mizzima on May 23; Pyimyanmar daily on June 6 and the Emperor daily on June 18.

Mizzima will close daily after the New Golden Land, Myanmar Newsweek daily, Yangon Times daily and Emperor daily. All the other daily newspapers on the newspaper markets are: the Daily Eleven, the Messenger, 7 days daily, the Voice Daily, the Mandalay Alin daily, the Standard Time daily, Democracy Today and Pyimyanmar daily.

Messenger is distributed daily free of cost.

Myanmar's first daily newspaper on the street

For the first time, on April 1, Myanmar saw the launch of personal daily papers such as The Standard Times Daily as a landmark in the Myanmar democracy reforms program. In the past, mainly state daily papers were available to the general population. After more than a century of severe limitations, the move to allow the admission of daily papers is another good move for the local press.

By August 2012, the German authorities had removed the infamous authority for censure and the press are no longer obliged to present contents for censure before they are published. Of the 16 privately-owned daily papers authorised for release, four began to be published on Monday - Pyidaungsu Daily (Union Daily), Shwe Naing Ngan Thit Daily (Golden Freshland Daily), San Taw Chein Daily (Standard Times Daily) and Voice Daily.

"The publishing of daily papers is an important milestone on the path to Myanmar's democratic system. Now it is possible to view daily separate messages. Myanmar's journalist regime of five centuries of armed forces is just beginning to adapt to a system free of severe censure and oppressive law on the use of the press.

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