The Savoy Hotel

Hotel Savoy

Savoy Hotel is a luxury beachfront hotel in the City of Westminster in central London, England. You can book our Jersey Hotel and Restaurant online. London, The Savoy, United Kingdom. Overnight at the Savoy Hotel in Bournemouth. You can book directly at the best price.


Savoy is a favourite of gourmets and gourmets alike: our prestigious local and international markets have something for everyone. Enjoy informal dining at Kaspar's in Savoy, where an inventive, constantly alternating meal of sustainably prepared sea fruits is offered from dawn to dusk. Simpson's in the Strand is still at the top of London's top of the table for the best roasts in town and a taste for UK traditions, while Gordon Ramsay's Savoy Barbecue presents a classical UK barbecue meal with a little bit of Paris.

Thames Foyer's bright, stylish environment is the ideal place for a typical Anglo-Saxon after dinner cup. Drink classical drinks or try new bartender recipes at the World's Best Bar, the iconic American Bar; or explore UK style and uniquely inspiring drinks at Knight's Bar, on the first level of Simpson's in the Strand.

Savoy Tee Boutique Jewellery Tees offer exclusive Tees, pralines and tailor-made accessoires in an imperial-eastern ambience. It is also possible to buy signatures in the Savoy onlineshop. The Melba grocery in the Savoy on the beach is the right place for a "to go" tasty delicacy.

The Melba range includes hand fried coffees, fresh bread and biscuits, typical eclairs, classic UK sandwiches and much more. And if you're looking for the ultimate eating adventure for your friends and family, check out Savoy's gift experiences shops. Bookings:

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