The Road to Rangoon

Getting to Rangoon

Can' you hear their paddles from Rangoon to Mandalay? Excursions from Bagan with the Road to Mandalay guide. We will transfer to the airport for a flight to Yangon, visit downtown Yangon and Shwedagon Pagoda. After arrival in Yangon we meet our local guide and transfer to downtown. They sent soldiers from Rangoon north to show King Thibaw the error of his ways.

Cruickshanks - The Road to Rangoon

Burma, the child of the UK embassador, went unaccounted for in the 1980s. The best chance of saving him is to rely on Thuza, a ruby trafficker who is offering him an exit. Thuza has lived her whole lifetime in a border city between rebels and goverment troops, never deciding on one side, but trying to live on both.

To Thuza, the ambassador's kid is her way out of the world. To Than, an aspiring army official, the exploitation of those involved in the conflict provides an incentive for advancement and honour.

Getting to Rangoon | The Student

Having hardly died down from her first novel, The Trader of Saigon, Lucy Cruickshanks has published her latest contribution to the southeast Asiatic historic notion. Myanmar is still recuperating from two life times from totally different realms in a wild civilian conflict on its way to Rangoon.

We' ve got Thuza, a penniless smuggler of rubies desperately trying to flee the horror of her past, whose life is changing forever when she sees the prodigal boy of UK Ambassador Michael Atwood. An obstinate and reckless opponent of Thuza, Michael finds himself between two troops in the back country of Burma, trusting Thuza to bring him back to Rangoon.

The Cruickshanks are experienced in their capacity to combine their fictions with well-researched historic occurrences. Indeed, Cruickshanks, interested in Myanmar and its recent past, has portrayed a visionary realm of shedding blood without endangering its historic soundness. The novel also tries to catch the cultural and linguistic heritage of a nation still unfamiliar to the vast majority as Myanmar has only been open to tourism for four years.

The Road to Rangoon's most conspicuous feature is the degree of detail - especially with regard to the interrelations and tradition of country living - that Cruickshanks has collected. However, the achievements of Cruickshanks' plot and historic peculiarity are slightly muted by her revised work.

The Cruicshanks are free of some criticisms because it shows a keen sense of authenticity and a keen sense of the languages and sociology of Burma's people. But the images and vocabulary used to build the acid state of a nation in civilian wars were excessive and sometimes overblown. What she is lacking in literature, she balances with her adventuresome handling of clich├ęs.

Both Cruickshanks books provide an inside look at environments that are usually limited to the worst parts of the newscast. It' s this emphasis on a true drama that has been a favorite of some of our most loved authors of the twentieth centuries (Orwell, Hemingway, Woolf - to name but a few) and that's why Cruickshanks will stay so important in our lit...

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